7 Tornadoes Confirmed in Northwest Arkansas Over Memorial Day Weekend

The National Weather Service (NWS) has confirmed a total of seven tornadoes that hit Benton County, Arkansas, over the Memorial Day weekend. Two tornadoes touched down in Decatur, two in Centerton, one in Rogers, one in War Eagle, and one in Clifty, which crossed over into Madison County.

NWS has been providing daily updated reports on the tornado activity in the Northwest Arkansas region since the devastating weather event. While there are currently seven confirmed tornadoes in Benton County, officials warn that there could be more confirmed tornadoes in the coming days.

**Decatur Tornadoes**

**Tornado 1**
– **Rating:** EF-3
– **Peak wind:** 145-155 mph
– **Path length:** 7.9 miles
– **Path width:** 3,200 yards

The first tornado, rated EF-3, began in Cherokee City, Oklahoma, and ended in Decatur, Arkansas, causing significant damage along its 7.9-mile path. The tornado resulted in destroyed homes, outbuildings, uprooted trees, and power outages as it moved into Arkansas.

**Tornado 2**
– **Rating:** EF-2
– **Peak wind:** 120-130 mph
– **Path length:** 5.4 miles
– **Path width:** 650 yards

The second tornado in Decatur, rated EF-2, caused extensive damage to trees, power poles, and homes before dissipating without any reported injuries or fatalities.

**Centerton Tornadoes**

**Tornado 3**
– **Rating:** EF-1
– **Peak wind:** 90-100 mph
– **Path length:** 2.3 miles
– **Path width:** 600 yards

In Centerton, an EF-1 tornado damaged roofs of homes and businesses as it moved through the area.

**Tornado 4**
– **Rating:** EF-2
– **Peak wind:** 115-125 mph
– **Path length:** 2.4 miles
– **Path width:** 1,500 yards

A second tornado in Centerton, rated EF-2, caused severe damage to homes and trees before dissipating.

**Rogers Tornado**

**Tornado 5**
– **Rating:** EF-2
– **Peak wind:** 115-125 mph
– **Path length:** 7.4 miles
– **Path width:** 3,000 yards

The tornado that hit Rogers caused extensive damage to hundreds of homes and businesses, snapping trees, power poles, and causing significant straight-line wind damage.

**War Eagle Tornado**

**Tornado 6**
– **Rating:** EF-1
– **Peak wind:** 100-110 mph
– **Path length:** 3.2 miles
– **Path width:** 300 yards

The tornado in War Eagle damaged trees, a mobile home, and power lines as it moved through the area.

**Clifty Tornado**

**Tornado 7**
– **Rating:** EF-1
– **Peak wind:** 100-110 mph
– **Path length:** 8.9 miles
– **Path width:** 500 yards

The final tornado in Clifty caused damage to power lines and trees as it moved through Benton County and into Madison County.

As the communities affected by these tornadoes begin the recovery process, it is essential to stay informed and prepared for any future severe weather events.

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