The EU Commission is penetrates because of the potential dangers of Chinese technology in the construction of the fast mobile radio standard 5G to be a Europe-wide concerted action. Appropriate recommendations presented to the authorities in Brussels.

The EU countries should create views of the 5G-infrastructure, initially until the end of June, each national risk analysis, said the EU Commission. On this Basis, the country should revise its security requirements to the network providers, especially for public networks.

The EU countries should exchange information, to create to October, with the support of the EU Commission for a Europe-wide risk analysis. On the basis of uniform safety standards and tests decided. EU States would have ultimately the right company from the 5G market to exclude, if they see a breach of national security, stressed the EU Commission.

Recently it was discussed whether being allowed to participate in Chinese companies such as Huawei in the construction of the 5G network, 5G is considered to be critical infrastructure. The EU Commission proposes to the member States, no General waiver of 5G equipment from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Thus, the Commission takes a similar Position as the Federal government and large telecommunications providers in Europe, the were against the of the United States demanded the exclusion of Huawei. The U.S. government argued spying danger, what has Huawei. Also Australia and new Zealand, want to Huawei exclude from the 5G Development.

Also, Nokia and Ericsson to offer 5G technology

The worry is that the technical possibilities of information to be intercepted. A threat to the United States that intelligence information could not be exchanged, if Huawei or other Chinese providers would be involved in the construction of the 5G network in Germany. The US Ambassador in Germany, Richard Grenell, had threatened the Federal government’s last direct with the restriction of intelligence cooperation.

The Deputy chief of Huawei, Eric Xu, did not expect, however, that many States follow the example of the U.S. government and Huawei technology would be an outlaw in the modernisation of its mobile networks. “We have recently seen that many countries make their own decisions,” said Xu. “Maybe it only makes Australia.” He does not expect that the US would increase its pressure on Huawei, for example, a prohibition of the sale of US components, said Xu. The Chinese group is the world’s third-largest buyer of computer chips – a ban on the sale of US components to the Chinese would prepare the global Tech industry’s problems, warned Xu.

Currently, a controversial auction of 5G mobile radio frequencies in Germany, in spite of the unsettled questions with regard to the suppliers for the technical equipment. Companies are dependent in the context of the networking of machines and devices in production, to fast data networks in the mobile radio. In addition to Huawei, especially of the Finnish Nokia group, as well as Ericsson from Sweden hopes to market the shares in the new network infrastructure. Huawei, Nokia and Ericsson provide for 5G the major transmission towers. The German technology group Bosch has also announced, in the autumn of new 5G-enabled automation technology.