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the Mobile Internet will be faster, much faster, than we can imagine today. The promise of 5G, the new mobile radio standard, to be built in the next few years in Germany. On Monday, the Federal network Agency will regulate the Procurement for the likely billion-dollar auction of the frequencies is officially known. Consumers 5G actually don’t need to the video is enough to look on the road already 3G and a sufficient volume of data. For the industry, however, 5G is a promise of Salvation. Everything will be networked, mobile, digital. A whole new economy to the branches. What companies promise in Germany by 5G? We asked three.

The Swedish tele-medicine Start-up KRY

We provide an App for patients to have direct contact to a General practitioner or a psychologist. Through a video phone call, the Doctors can make a diagnosis and a Referral to a specialist allow, a prescription or lab tests. We are a Swedish company and in Scandinavia, England and France on the market. In 2019 we want to start also in Germany.

in Order to make this possible, we are talking with health insurance companies. With some Private, we have concluded the first contracts with the major Legal, we are in the conversation. So far, the Legal tele accept medical services only in special cases. But we are optimistic that this will change soon.

The video calls will work without the 5G, it works well with a 3G Internet connection. A bigger Problem for digital doctor’s visits is that there is in some areas still don’t have a broadband connection, not to mention the many gaps in the mobile network. Because the legal supply must ensure, in accordance with order that you really can offer all of the Insured – at least at home – our Service.

5G we will need for the second expansion step of our Service. But then necessarily. We want to enable the chronically ill, the data is continuously and permanently in our App. For example, the blood sugar values of diabetics and lung function values in asthmatics. The App gives the patient will then know when you should contact a doctor.

you must be able to rely on fast mobile Internet. 5G gives you exactly that: a delay-free data transfer and high reliability. Depending on when 5G in Germany is ready for use, we are able to offer this Service sooner or later. Since we are Germany-wide care for patients, it is not an Option for us, their own 5G networks. That would be for us as a young company, much to expensive.

For Germany, it is embarrassing that the Internet development is so slow here. Although the country is economically so strong, it ends up here, in a global comparison only on place 28. If in other countries the access is already better, invest in technology companies naturally prefer to.

Manuel Grossmann, Director of Business Development