(Washington) Joe Biden celebrated Thursday the 13th anniversary of “Obamacare”, a reform of the American health care system which he says has “changed America”, but which is threatened by Republicans.

Foreshadowing what could be one of his campaign themes if a new candidacy is confirmed, the Democratic president says he is working to further reduce the cost of health care in the United States, which is much higher than in many other developed countries.

But the reform passed under Barack Obama is in the sights of the Trumpist Republicans, denounced Mr. Biden from the White House, and such a repeal of the Affordable Care Act “would have devastating effects on Americans”, he warned. .

Since its narrow passage through Congress in 2010, Republicans have tried to come back to the text several times, without success.

With Barack Obama, of whom he was Vice President, “we made history,” the President said further, adding, “we took another giant step towards one of the principles that we hold as fundamentals, as Democrats and as Americans-health is a right, not a privilege. »

“We’re not there yet […], let’s finish the job,” he said, repeating a sentence that now constellates his speeches, which always seem more oriented towards the next electoral deadline – the presidential election of 2024.

The Democrat directly attacked the Republicans, dominated according to him by the supporters of former President Donald Trump. The party is no longer “your father’s Republican party,” he lamented.

Joe Biden also pointed out that they opposed the large health funding voted in the huge law passed in the summer of 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).