The economy, Mark Zuckerberg promised that Facebook have their own cryptomunt, and the balance, only be launched if the authorities in the United States will never give up. At the same time, protects the head of the socialemediabedrijf the importance of the controversial project in the Us. That would be achteropraken people’s republic of China, if there is not enough time to be updated.

and the other is in a previously published statement, which can be Done today, before the House of Representatives. There, he is reporting on the virtual currency of Facebook, which allows users to make purchases-would be able to do it on Messenger or WhatsApp messenger. Global view of governments, the libraproject with a lot of interest because of the currency, pass by a lot of supervisors would be able to slip through, and hence financial stability at risk.

“I want to be clear: Facebook will be anywhere else in the world, with the balance to launch before the U.s. regulators never give up”, is Zuckerbergs statement. “But while we are discussing these issues, the rest of the world is not standing still. China is working very hard in the coming months, the same sort of ideas and designs.”