Zina Tusnolobova: what are the nurse assigned Hero of the Soviet Union

History 21/02/20 Zina Tusnolobova: what are the nurse assigned Hero of the Soviet Union

Zina Tusnolobova was the usual Russian girl, which beginning of the war, many went voluntarily to the front. It served as a simple nurse and maybe if Zina is not a misfortune, we would never have known about it and on the sides of Soviet tanks, airplanes and guns the soldiers would bring the same inscription “For Zina Tusnolobova!”

Ordinary girl

Zinaida Tusnolobova was born in 1920 to a Russian family in the Vitebsk region. However, in the 1930-ies, when the country was swept by a wave of terrible repression, the father of Zina, fearing for his own life and family, changed his name and went along with the households in the Kemerovo region. That’s where our heroine graduated from high school and got a job as a laboratory assistant in the trust “Leninskugol'”.

In 1941, shortly before the war, Zinaida married. But her married life lasted just a few months. First went to the front of the girl spouse Joseph Marchenko. Itself Zina signed up for nursing school and after graduation in the summer of 1942 went after her husband.

the Brave nurse

Zina tusnolobovoy managed to serve only 8 months. However, in that short time she managed to qualify for the high award – the order of the red Star. A young nurse has literally brought out of the fire and thus saved the lives of 42 Soviet soldiers. In addition, Zina simultaneously destroyed 11 German soldiers.

But that’s not all. Before the girl ever left the front line, she was able to pull out from a battlefield more than 80 wounded. It seemed that the bullets Zina bypassed. But in the winter of 1943 and she was the victim of an enemy shell.

In the bloody snow

In February, the 23-year-old Zina again endured under heavy fire of their bleeding colleagues. At some point, she heard a cry: “Commander is down!” She immediately rushed to help. However the commander to whom she was in such a hurry, was already dead. Near him dropped like a stone and she the zine. Who knows how many hours she lay in the snow. Consciousness from time to time returned to it. In one of such moments she opened her eyes and saw a German officer. He noticed that the nurse was alive, struck her several blows with a rifle butt. Zina fell back into oblivion.

Only thanks to the incredible luck Zinaida found the scouts. They literally hollowed out her body from the bloody icy crust, which has turned the snow around her. The girl was sent to hospital. Nobody believed that she would survive.

Rivets for tanks

But Zina was resurrected. Although the doctors had to amputate frostbitten limbs young nurses. Tusnolobova lost both arms and both legs. Recovering, she immediately dictated a letter to the nurse for her husband. She asked Joseph about the breakup: who needs some sort of cripple? But the husband replied that he did not allow the thought of separation from his beloved. Perhaps this fact gave Zina forces. Now only one thought weighed heavily on her, that’s all she could do to Win. Then the girl began using nurses to “travel” around the hospital to cheer the wounded. And when to the hospital to visit bestowed the workers of a defense plant, Zinaida asked them to make at least one rivet to the tank, as if for her. And workers complied with her request, but only on their terms. That month they released over the plan five tanks on Board, which wrote: “For Zina Tusnolobova!”

For her!

Soon she had a few surgeries, which on the stump of one of her hands appeared two process. With them, Zina learned to wield a pencil. She immediately began to write letters to the papers with words of support for the Soviet soldiers. Zinaida urged them to avenge himself and all who died or were crippled in the meat grinder of war. In response, the team has covered Tusnolobova triangles. But many in the knowto show solidarity with the nurse wrote on the tanks, planes, guns and bombs with the slogan “For Zina Tusnolobova!”

After the war

Finally came the Victory. Fortunately, the husband of Zina returned home unharmed. The couple had two children, son Vladimir and daughter Nina. She Zinaida has left public activities, and also worked as an announcer on the radio.

In 1957, Zinaida tusnolobovoy was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. And in 1965 she was awarded the medal of Florence Nightingale – an English nurse. This honorary award was given to only three Soviet medsestry.

Zinaida Tusnolobova died in 1980 at the age of 59 years.

Yulia Popova

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