Yuri Nikulin: what happened to him in the Winter war

Another 02/01/20 Yuri Nikulin: what happened to him in the Winter war

according to the memoirs of Yuri Nikulin, and the text of his biographer Ieva Pojarskii, on the Soviet-Finnish war future Comedy actor never had to shoot at the enemy and generally participate in the battle. But the deluge would not have been Nikulin, if I did not mention that his office was full of a variety of, often funny, events.

He was called underage

Yuri Nikulin actually recruited immediately after graduation, at the age of 17. Of age, he was only a month after the start of military service. The artist himself wrote about this in his biographical book “Almost serious”, but not paid to this circumstance.
In fact 2.5 months to call Yuri Nikulin on military service in the red army in the USSR was adopted the law “On universal military duty” under article 14 which the army took away the young men, whom in the year (1 January to 31 December) was 18 years old. Nikulin was called for November 18, 12 days before the start of the Soviet-Finnish war. And on 18 December, marking the 18th birthday, drank all the soldiers put 100 grams (first disdain, he changed the vodka to the bacon issued to the soldiers along with alcohol “rations”). The war with Finland at that time was already more than two weeks.

Laughed at me

the Recruit Yuri Nikulin, in his own memoirs, gave the impression of a brave warrior in a baggy equipment, getting tangled in the floor of his overcoat, he looked comical – everyone was laughing at the rookie. But Nikulin, like any intelligent man, was self-ironic, and laughed along with everyone. Since the army he began to assemble his famous collection of anecdotes and as merry quickly became soul of any company. Those who served will understand how valued in the army are soldiers. Especially in the war.

Wanted to fight a member of the Komsomol

Nikulina enlisted in anti-aircraft artillery regiment, ochrenavsi the approaches to Leningrad. Before arriving at the military part of the recruits set up on the fact that they should mentally prepare for the upcoming Soviet-Finnish campaign – on the border with Finland was restless.
When in late November the soldiers reported “military aggression from Finland”, Nikulin volunteered to join the Komsomol to “go into battle the Komsomol”.
due to the inability to really wrap portyanki Komsomolets Yuri Nikulin on the Soviet-Finnish war has severely frostbitten feet, this incident subsequently affected the health of the rest of his life, then the feet began to freeze, even in slight frost. As he wrote in his memoirs Nikulin, in the winter he pulled a line from your battery to the observation post with a length of 2 km (biographer Nikulina Ieva Pozharskaya have said NP was located in Kuokkala, which became famous for the Leniniana – in this village before the October revolution in the country “Vase” hid the future leader of the world proletariat).
Walk on ice of the Gulf of Finland skiing with two heavy coils was difficult, soldiers Nikulin was tired and sat down on the snow, asleep. Frost more than 30 degrees, and the soldiers and felt his legs literally zadereveneli. Found somewhere Communicator guards, passing by on a snowmobile. Battery medical stated frostbite.

the Fighting was close

the War was in earshot of the battery, where he served Nikulin – a few kilometers away was the Mannerheim line, which Soviet troops broke through in February of 1940.
Directly in the fighting Department of defense, where he served as Yuri Nikulin, in the Soviet-Finnish campaign did not participate. In any case, nor in the memoirs of the artist, nor in the book Ieva Pozharskoe says nothing about this.
But a lot of mentions about how the Soviet soldiers spent their leisure time listening to records of popular musicians, played music themselves. Nikulin loved to read, he had a personal mini-library, which he prepared before the upcoming demobelisaria. Service life came to an end, in the summer of Yuri Nikulin was discharged.
But in the future plans of the famous artist stepped in the Great Patriotic war. Nikulin fought until may 1945, awarded the medal “For courage”, “For defense of Leningrad” and “For victory over Germany” (this is the only military awards, all awards and medals at the Yuri Nikulin was about 20).

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