Yeltsin in 1995 nearly started world war III

History 17/02/20 mil.gecac Yeltsin in 1995 nearly started a Third world

According to the Norwegian side, it was purely scientific research, the launch did not pursue other goals, especially relating to nuclear missile strike against Russia.

However, Russia, as believed by some experts from the USA, didn’t know that – according to Western sources, the then President Boris Yeltsin just did not have time to report such details of the launch.

What I thought in Russia…

the Weekly newspaper “AIF” reproduces the official version of the situation. At the end of January 1995, Russian early warning system (a system of missile warning) alerted: from the territory of Norway launched a rocket, on a trajectory which coincides with the capabilities of the U.S. ballistic UGM-133A. Such a missile attack, according to Russian side’s data, was able to dazzle our system PRN.

Russia is seriously appreciated this launch as an attempt to probe possible nuclear attack of America on our country. Yeltsin after getting all the information immediately associated with military experts, using for its intended purpose its “nuclear briefcase” (for the first time in the history of its creation), and discussed with them the situation. Domestic strategic rocket forces (RVSN) was immediately alerted.

When it became clear that Norway has just launched a meteorological rocket, the tension subsided. According to “Kommersant”, the chief of the General staff Mikhail Kolesnikov said that the Russian armed forces initially adequately and effectively responded to the launch of this Norwegian missile.

… and in Norway.

the Norwegian national public broadcasting organization NRK (analogue of the Russian First channel) interviewed the curator of the Norwegian-American project to launch the four-stage rocket Black Brant XII of Colbern Adolfsen by asking him about what really happened in January 1995, a rocket range on the Norwegian island of Andoya.

Colburn claimed on the policy launch day and didn’t think all scientists follow the flight of the rocket, expected, what data it can provide about the Northern lights in three different places – Alaska, Svalbard and Andaye.

This missile was not the first, but one of the largest that ever was launched from the landfill Antaya – a three-stage, rises to 1,500 kilometers. It was supposed to land at 330 kilometres North-East of Svalbard.

– Everything was perfect: the shooting came as it should, and photographic measurements was successful – was an American Adolfsen.

soon, However, his joy was marred by the news as presented the launch of research rockets in Russia. Adolfsen, the authorities reported that the flight of the Black Brant XII is supposed to be an attempt to incite a Third world war. This is for Colbern Adolfsen was a complete surprise.

what does the CIA

One of the most famous speechwriters Norwegian rocket incident, is not done without the participation of the Central intelligence Agency, – CIA veteran Peter Pry in his book”War Scare” took this as two chapters.

Peter Pry wrote that although the “Norwegian rocket crisis” and lasted about 20 minutes, it was the most serious incident in the history of nuclear confrontation between the two superpowers – the USSR and the USA. The world has never been so close to nuclear war – the Russians then you only have to launch its missiles, believed Pry. The launch of a rocket from the Norwegian test site of the Russian foreign Ministry was notified ahead of time, says CIA veteran, but the General staff this information is somehow not promptly handed over. As a result, the Norwegian weather rocket mistaken for American nuclear.

… in a few minutes after the probe landed outside Svalbard, the world’s media attacked Mila.

– Called journalists from East and West, from the provinces and from abroad, the island began to land the aircraft with the press from all over the world – everyone wanted to know what happened, said Colburn of Adolfsen.

he sneers, remembering the incident and referring to himself: “this is not destined to become famous, he is infamous”.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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