Yeltsin behind the wheel: what driver was the first President of Russia

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the First President of Russia Boris Yeltsin the famous demi Lovato. In 1992, he was told, played the spoons on the head of his colleague from Kyrgyzstan, Askar Akaev, in 1994 he conducted the orchestra in Germany, and “slept” Ireland in 1996, danced on stage along with the musician Eugene Wasp. A number of interesting cases have occurred with Yeltsin at the time when he only dreamed about the role of the leader of Russian Democrats, and not even thought about the presidential chair.

in the Fall of 1987 took place the famous “incident with the scissors.” All the circumstances of this case to this day is not known. Was in deep disgrace for criticizing the leadership of the Communist party and therefore suffering from depression Yeltsin whether accidentally hurt yourself with scissors, or really wanted to commit suicide, or tried to simulate a suicide.

“According to doctors, there is no danger to life, the wound was not – scissors, sliding down the edge left a bloody trail. Yeltsin was hospitalized,” he said later Mikhail Gorbachev.

In September 1989, Yeltsin, already a people’s Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, happened even more strange the story: he was allegedly thrown from the bridge into the river near the Nikolina Gora. The politician told that the foot went to the country to his friend Sergei Bashilov when the next retarded red “Zhiguli”. There ran four big. They put on the head of Yeltsin bag, stuffed in the salon and soon was thrown into the water. Colleagues of the Deputy then hinted that the river is very shallow to drown in there is physically impossible, but to break if dropped on a hard bottom completely.

in the Summer of the same year Yeltsin became involved in a more serious matter. His fault the person died.

As he wrote in his book “Boris Yeltsin: from dawn to dusk,” the former head of the security Service of the President of AlexPDR Korzhakov, they went to rest to his dacha in Molokovo 70 kilometers South-East from Moscow. There is a Deputy and his guard warm up in the bath and was well received on his chest. According to Korzhakov, he diluted some Chinese alcohol and Yeltsin had used in its pure form.

“at Night to sleep, he could not, – said Korzhakov. Barely dawn, at 6 a.m., Yeltsin had his driver to bring his “Moskvich”, to drive on the street and he got behind the wheel to unwind. As a sin, on the outskirts of the village he fell by the hand of a group of local motorists. At the curb stood “the Zhiguli” and a motorcycle: the driver of the car, open the door, talking about something with a motorcycle”.

At the most inopportune moment, Yeltsin, apparently, confused the gas and brake pedals. “The Muscovite” on full speed and crashed into a parked on the roadside of the vehicle. From blow “Zhiguli” flew the door, and the motorcycle went off the road.

“When I rushed to the place, there was already a complete mess. Somehow we persuaded the victims to write statements themselves have repaired the car. To hell with it, with the machine! The main thing that the passenger of the motorcycle, which he knocked, was in serious condition. From the blow he had a damaged spine, ruptured kidney,” stated Korzhakov in his book.

Approximate Yeltsin managed to “hush up”. Journalists on the state of emergency didn’t know resonance was not. However, the victim’s condition continued to deteriorate. Team members of the people’s Deputy tried to rescue the man. He bought the drugs and were taken to hospitals. All efforts were in vain. After about six months the man died from the effects of his injuries. If you believe Korzhakov, in all that time, Yeltsin never asked them about the injured man, and when he learned about the tragic denouement of the story, just indifferent shrugged his shoulders. Bury rider Yeltsin’s companions also had their own money.

bestselling Author does not exclude that Yeltsin did and never had a driver’s license. With 28 years as the head of a certain level already relied a company car with a personal driver. However, Yeltsin himself has assured others that in his youth, drove a truck, and years later traveled with his family to “Win” on the way South and all the way taxiing itself.

After moving to work in Moscow, he acquired the “Moskvich”, defended the months-long queue at the state building. Traveled twice on it from the Kremlin. His driver’s license has never been seen. According to the official version they were lost. His aides Yeltsin asked to restore the rights through the SAI.

Another driving experience policies had on the “Field” of Korzhakov, who could not deny the chief the pleasure to sit on the driver’s seat. The first trip ended in an accident.

“Rode out of town, on a country road, recalled Korzhakov. — He desperately pressed on the gas, and we each gully banged my head on the ceiling. I feared for the spine, Boris Yeltsin — his injured back could not withstand stunt riding. Riding on the highway, he hit the wrong pedal and crashed into striped metal fence. Thank God, no traffic police, no extraneous machinery was not available”.

The same witness Yeltsin’s driving stated that confused the gas and brake pedals when turning was for big boss commonplace.

Yeltsin ever get into a crash even on the plane. So, in April 1990 the trouble almost happened with the private Board, which was flying from Cordoba to Barcelona: Yeltsin arrived to Spain for the presentation of his book “Confessions on a given topic”. As a result of rigid landing the future head of state received a serious spinal injury. It was urgently operated on by local doctors from the help of Soviet specialists Boris Yeltsin why-that flatly refused.

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