Yakov Slashchev: the fate of the white General who became the mentor of the red Army

Biography 03/02/20 Yakov Slashchev: the fate of the white General who became the mentor of the red Army

Many a memorable scene from “Running” by Mikhail Bulgakov, where General Khludov commanded his orderly: “Present to the Minister a deputation of working!” That brings the Minister into the yard where the gallows are swinging corpses.

the Prototype of General Khludov was General Yakov A. sweeter. He is really hung and shot in batches those who violated the military order and discipline, not to mention the enemies. But other than that, he was a brave military leader.

sweeter was extremely popular among his soldiers lovingly called him “General Yasha”. And hated him, those who under cover of the white guard’s uniform had to sit in the back, exploited, profited.

the Battle path

In the First world war sweeter rose to the rank of Colonel, was wounded five times, awarded the order of St. George and St. George’s weapon for what personally led troops to attack. The pain from the numerous wounds (in the Civil war they added another a few) contributed to the formation of his addiction to drugs that were used against him by his personal enemies.

Shortly before the October revolution, the sweeter retired, seeing as the army is falling apart. But he was going to fight with the Bolsheviks and went to the don, where he participated in the creation of the Volunteer army. In 1918 he helped Kuban partisan Colonel Shkuro. The dashing Cossack detachment smashed the rear Reds liberated the city of Stavropol and joined the army of General Denikin.

In the Armed forces of South Russia sweeter received the rank of General for his successful amphibious operation in the spring of 1919 in the heart of Koktebel, after which white was released from the Reds in the Crimea. Star his hour came in January 1920, when it consolidated, poorly armed units repulsed the attack of red on the Perekop isthmus.

once the troops Slascheva has trembled and has moved back. General orderscarlet deploy banners, the orchestra played a March, and personally led the troops in “psychological attack” on the red. Here the enemy broke and ran.

Crimea almost a year has become the last refuge of the White army. And for Cladium established the glory of the Savior of Crimea.

the Feud with Wrangel

General Wrangel in his memoirs, paints a portrait of General Slaschova how quickly a degraded person. “His addiction to wine and drugs was well known… he wrote. I saw him last time under the Stavropol, he struck me with his youth and freshness. Now it was difficult to learn … It is a fantastic suit, loud nervous laughter and erratic staccato conversation made a painful impression.”

Wrangell wrote his “memoirs” after sweeter altered White matter and returned to Soviet Russia. Saw Slascheva then, in the “red” Moscow, speak of him as an adequate and interesting person. Wrangel was overdoing it, trying to draw repulsive appearance of its popular rival. Everyone knew that in the Crimea between the two warlords had arisen irreconcilable differences.

And no wonder. Sweeter in its own way, brutal but effective, struggled with the decomposition of forces and logistics. Moreover, he constantly interfered in politics, harassing the commander-in-chief reports on the necessity of repression, and earned a reputation as an ardent monarchist. Wrangell believed that sweeter discreditied White movement in relations with the Entente.


sweeter was the master on landing. In June 1920 due to its successful operations, the White army left the Crimea to the operating room. But for political reasons Wrangell in August 1920 ordered the execution of the landing in the Kuban Cossack General Ulagay. The assault had failed.

sweeter at this time were thrown at an unprepared assault on the fortified bridgehead at Kakhovka red. The assault also failed. Wrangell accused Slascheva in the expansion of the troops and relieved of his command. The dismissal was given a kind of honorary OTSodds are, with Wrangel allowed Slasheva to add to the name the name Crimea.

In November 1920, while leaving the Crimea Wrangel tried to detain Slascheva at the front under the pretext of the organization of guerrilla groups. But Slashchev-Crimea made their way to the evacuation together with his military girlfriend and common-law wife, Nina Nechvolodova, bearing two crosses of St. George (though the circumstances of their receipt are unknown).

In Moscow, in Dzerzhinsky car

In Constantinople sweeter lashed out against Wrangel, accusing him of Crimean failure. In response Wrangel initiated a “court of honor”, Slaschova expelled from the Russian army.

the Bolsheviks at this time, it was important to find popular white warlord who could split the emigration from inside. Agents of the Cheka in advance, came into contact with Cladium using his hatred of Wrangel. It is unknown when exactly it happened, but there is evidence that the question of the return Slascheva in Soviet Russia personally raised by the Dzerzhinsky at the meeting of the Politburo. A slight majority supported Dzerzhinsky, although Lenin himself had abstained.

In November, 1921, after a year of exile, sweeter with his wife and with them a number of military and civilian emigrants returned to Sevastopol. White General arrived in Moscow in the personal car of the Chairman of the Cheka.

In January 1922, the Soviet press issued a proclamation Slascheva to all white emigrants with the call to return to Soviet Russia. “Otherwise you’ll turn out to be foreign mercenaries of capital, – had inspired them with a Crimean hero. – Do not dare to sell, to go to war on Russia”.

the Appeal Slascheva has worked on a significant part of the white officers and soldiers interned in Turkey and in Poland. Many thousands immigrated in the early months of 1922.

“As you shoot and fight”

sweeter repeatedly wrote reports with a request to forward it in line units, but it has left to teach at the courses of the red army commanders Shot. Future Sovietth General of the army Batov remembered that the lectures Slascheva tactics aroused great interest among the audience.

Before the revolution, sweeter not too successful in the science Academy of the General staff, he graduated from one of the last performance. But the lack of theoretical knowledge was completed at the former General rich combat practice. It was about what to tell their former enemies.

On this basis often had conflicts. Told that once in the presence of Budyonny sweeter sharply criticized the actions of the red command in the Polish campaign. Budyonny pulled out a revolver and started shooting, but the drunk had missed. Sweeter quietly told the commander of the First Cavalry: “As you shoot and fight.”

a trail of blood that left a General in the Civil war, the boomerang came back for him. In January 1929 Slashchev-Crimea was shot and killed in his room by some Lazar Kolenberg. The killer explained his actions by revenge for his brother, allegedly hanged by order Slascheva in 1919 in Nikolaev. The killer was declared insane and released from punishment.

Yaroslav Butakov

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