Yakov Dzhugashvili: that the son of Stalin told the Germans at the first interrogation

History 07/01/20 Yakov Dzhugashvili: that the son of Stalin told the Germans at the first interrogation

Senior Lieutenant of the red army, Yakov Dzhugashvili, captured 17 July 1941 soldiers of the 39th Panzer corps Wehrmacht. The first son of Stalin, was far from politics – he worked as an assistant electrical engineer, then engineer and then went into the Artillery Academy and in may 1941 he became commander of the artillery battery of the 14th howitzer regiment of the 14th Panzer division. Like many young officers, he had joined the CPSU(b). June 22, Yakov went to war and soon found themselves surrounded at Vitebsk, and, like most of who was in Belarus of the red army, quickly captured.

the Behavior of Stalin’s son in captivity had political and propagandistic importance. Already at the first interrogation on 18 July, he showed himself ambiguously. From the son of the leader of the Soviet Union and Communist was to be expected that his speech rhetoric will be like the newspaper “Pravda”. But it turned out not quite, although on most issues Jacob came to interrogating him captain Reushle and major Golterman in a rather heated argument. So, in response to the remark that according to the Germans, the Soviet troops low authority of political Commissars, Dzhugashvili said that those commissioners who truly believe in communism, “are love and respect.” Dislike collective Yakov explained by the fact that great reforms are often unpopular among some groups, and the main Soviet generals (Timoshenko, Voroshilov and Budyonny) was praised as outstanding commanders. In addition, Stalin’s son was indignant at hearing of alleged killings of German POWs by the red army, and saw how the prisoners well treated, and orders about the murders and could not be.

they Argued that the officers of the Wehrmacht with Yakov Dzhugashvili and the behavior of the German saboteurs, parachutists, which the Soviet troops hated for his cruelty. Jacob stated that “the methods and the nature of their struggle… very treacherous”, while the Germans protested: “But it is completely wrong!” But to prove to Stalin, they couldn’t do anything – Yakov Dzhugashvili was confident in the fact that the German saboteurs “caught in the form of our soldiers and policemen”, and one German diversantki “found a vial of plague bacilli” to poison the wells. Of course, who questioned not to believe and declared it a “fairy tale” propaganda. With regard to General political questions, then a senior Lieutenant Dzhugashvili was quite loyal to his father — believed that the Soviet government has brought people many benefits and was certainly rated it higher than the old bourgeois king. Russia, according to Stalin, thanks to the Bolsheviks has its industry and depends on no one, although the First world war ravaged the country, and it was extremely difficult to industrialize. The officers of the Wehrmacht were sure that the guilty in the destruction of Bolshevism, and not world war.

But there was something in what Dzhugashvili and the Germans agreed — hostile attitude to the Jews. In a conversation about Jews in the red army, Yakov said that the Jews “where better there and rush”, and “Russian people have always had a hatred of Jews”. “They can’t work — said Dzhugashvili, — the Jews and Gypsies are the same, they don’t want to work. Most importantly, from their point of view, is trade”, and “why they are not respected.” These lines in the transcript of the interrogation look especially odd: if you believe that Yakov Dzhugashvili feel personal enmity towards the Jews (not tried anti-Semitic remarks to win over the Germans), it becomes very difficult to explain his anti-Semitism, because the wife of Jacob chose a Jewish — Judith Meltzer, the Isaakovna.

anyway, even talking about the Jews again led to a dispute of the Germans and of Yakov Stalin — those who are convinced that the USSR was ruled by Jews, for some reason thought that the wife of Joseph Stalin is also Jewish. Jacob is clearly angry: “my father’s Wife? It’s all hearsay, what You say there. Nothing to do. Never. No, no, nothing like that! Nothing of the sort. ThuOh are You talking about? Never in my life was nothing like this! His first wife was Georgian, the second — Russian. Everything!” Questioning, similar to the heated debate ended with a discussion of the prospects of war and the state of Soviet aviation — Jacob believed that to be a long struggle and that the Soviet air force, was badly damaged in the first days of the war, will cause the Germans trouble. He believed that the Germans fail to take Russia as easy as they think. Then they must have not paid attention to his words. They all felt that nothing of value he has not said and cannot say.

Yakov Dzhugashvili, the Germans were held in concentration camp Sachsenhausen. April 14, 1943, he rushed to the wire fence of the camp and was shot by the bodyguard — rottenfuhrer SS Conrad AFRICOM. But he died before the bullet hit him in the head from a blow of electricity (current passed through the wire). Being a valuable prisoner, he did not serve the Germans and did nothing for their propaganda, and worthily endured captivity until his death.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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