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The song “Layla” has been number 1 in the German single charts for almost three weeks. Now the city of Würzburg has completely banned the song for the upcoming “Kiliani folk festival”. As a spokesman said, the organizers asked the marquee operator not to play it in the future.

“I have a whorehouse, and my whorehouse mom’s name is Layla, she’s prettier, younger, hornier,” is a line from DJ Robin’s song

A media company had apparently made the city of Würzburg aware of the explosive nature of the song. A debate about the lyrics of the song, which is about a prostitute, has now started on social networks.

The decision to ban is criticized, among others, by city councilor Rena Schimmer, chairwoman of the Junge Union Würzburg-Stadt. “For me, subjectively, it’s not sexism, so I have no problem with it,” she told Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Schimmer therefore wanted to ask at the next city council meeting how the decision was made in the specific case. She may want to submit an application for a joint decision in the city council, the 23-year-old said on Instagram.

The song had previously been criticized in connection with the Junge Union (JU) Hessen. At their state conference, several delegates clapped on stage to the controversial song.

The state chairwoman of the Hessian Jusos Sophie Frühwald then accused the youth association of the CDU and CSU of “blatant sexism”. A spokesman for the JU argued to the “Spiegel” that “music tastes have always been different”.

“Of course the song is sexist,” confirmed Michael Fischer, director of the Center for Popular Culture and Music at the University of Freiburg, on Tuesday of the German Press Agency. “It’s a party hit,” says the expert.

In the song, a woman is “sung about in a sexist way, and of course the video also supports this in its visual language”. The portrayal of the protagonist in the nightclub is clearly discriminatory and therefore beyond irony.