Teaching as A senior lecturer in social work at Karel de Grote university College in Antwerp, has been on sick leave is sent after his lesson on Friday to complete the hand was gone. It reports Gazet van Antwerpen. The man cried out to his students in a far-reaching commitment to combating climate change, as well as their examination would have to replace it. The opleidingshoofd grip, even during a very tumultuous lesson in it.

The teacher wanted to be this Friday as a result of the klimaatbetogingen for a Global Climate Strike’ his ‘ first class ‘wereldbrede challenges in the third year of the bachelor programme of Social Work will take place in the Antwerp city hall at the Grote Markt. But he did not get any permission, which he, according to witnesses, the put would have become frustrated. “Instead of trying to explain what we have this year from his profession could be expected, he asked us to be with him, and a contract connected with the four climate change goals”, according to a student newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen. Who’s goals he would be a 20 on 20 for the final exam.

However, the goals of which were not. The students were required to 1) have a lesson on filming, and the footage of the mayor Bart De Wever delivered, (2) the group klimaatacties set-up, and 3) by February 1, to make sure that all of the fossil fuels at the Workshop in the territory, is prohibited; and (4) manage the mayor declare a state of emergency would be withdrawn, due to the urgency of the klimaatzaak.

The students took it not just, and it went to the opposition. “A lot of students were asking themselves out loud whether the teacher is joking or serious it was,” says one of them, newspaper de Gazet van Antwerpen. “But most of them were concerned about the viability of the project.” According to the professor, it was all very well, but he came up with an alternative for those who don’t, it would go in klimaatactivisme: two weeks prior to the exam, they would be the presentation of the course and the exam questions of the previous years, in order to still be able to pass the course.