Women players United States has filed a lawsuit against Federation for $ 66 million

the Players of the U.S. women’s team demanded a compensation of more than $ 66 million in the judicial process of sex discrimination against the American football Federation, reports the Associated Press.

a claim for compensation has been included in numerous lawsuits filed in U.S. district court in Los Angeles before the start of the trial, slated to begin may 5.

Among the filed documents there was a separate collective agreements for men and women USA teams that have not previously been made public.

the Players of women’s national team filed a lawsuit against the Federation in March 2019, alleging harassment based on sex, including unfair compensation compared to men’s and women’s teams.

Each party in a class action was requested to provide a total solution in their favor. The assessment of damages, including interest, was provided by the Finney Bevin cook, an economist from Deiter Consulting Group, which was abandoned by the participants in the proceedings.

the Agreement on collective bargaining showed the disparity in bonuses, but has also provided various compensation schemes in the two teams.