Men played a significant role at the summer reception of the German Women Lawyers Association. Those present were praised for not having gone to the event of the German Judges’ Association, which was taking place at the same time.

However, the legal director of the RBB, Susann Lange, was also able to welcome the guests at a particularly promising location, the newly designed roof lounge Studio 14 on the 14th floor high above the Masurenallee.

She named dialogue, diversity and digitization as the major 3-D goals that RBB wants to focus on during the two-year ARD chairmanship, in order to get even closer to the audience.

The speech by Attorney General Margarete Koppers sounded like a men’s hurdle race. As easy and entertaining as she presented her career path, it still contained many struggles that are still typical for gifted and ambitious women today.

“Be persistent. Find allies,” was one of her mottos. “Women should not marry too early, at least not competitors,” another.

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The admonition “Women must support women. Men make progress on their own”, earned a nod of approval. Before the strong applause at the end, she repeatedly emphasized the importance of networks.

During the course of the evening, they could be expanded vigorously in the fresh evening air. Lore-Maria Peschel-Gutzeit, who welcomed Chairwoman Georgia von Wettern as Honorary President, also has a lot to say about the history of emancipation. The former chairmen Ursula Raue and Jutta Wagner were also present.

The first reception since the beginning of the pandemic was also a good platform to promote a donation project for Afghan women judges. Even if they tend to find work here in social projects, it is psychologically important that they are not only accepted as refugees, but also as lawyers. Donations are also used to pay for expensive visas to exit Pakistan.