A 91-year-old woman from the House, has for eighty years, and after solving a rebus, still, her answer will be sent to snoepwinkelketen Jamin. It was probably because of the Second world War, no winners had been announced, and if the woman is still the prize winner.

rebus using the form for with the woman in the house. It was a piece of paper with the answer, and the fact that she’s eleven year old little girl, in the spring of 1940, had written them down, have recently moved back to the clean up of the apartment.

The woman sent the form with the answer to the question, I collect waardebons, C. Jamin, as they are all small pieces of paper, and with a great deal of value on a” per post, to the office of the Jamin.

the Staff of origin is Rotterdam, snoepketen the archives to be consulted, and noted that the winners were never announced. “It’s probably because not too long after the Second world War broke out,” according to the company.

The woman’s on Tuesday at home, will be surprised with the grand prize. Originally, it was an Erres-radio, 195 pounds. But because of a genuine copy is no longer available, has, Jamin, “a slightly revised and updated version of the tube radio in the wife’s gift.