Space“, A miniature space ship in the shape of a human body.” The new space is called that for the astronauts of the Us space agency, NASA, in a bid for the 2024 games is back to walking on the moon. The extract is full of new features.

as A prototype, was on Tuesday presented, and it is night and day from the heavy space suits that the astronauts have to deal with every day for the spacewalks, and who even, from the Apollotijdperk people. The Artemismissie of a bid for the 2024 games goes clear of a new era.

you can also Read a NASA plant that space with the men to be Flexible

new packs are extremely flexible and exist in a model that is attached to the body of the wearer, male or female, change. What’s more, they were the astronauts to allow for on-the-moon to walk around as it is on earth. So with a leap on to the moon’s surface.

at the Top, in white, with a blue and red suit, is a portable, lifesupportsysteem. That is, from a power source, a communications module, a water tank, the pick up to the right temperature, and a system that is unlimited in carbon dioxide and emissions in to the room. Carbon dioxide is a gas that humans breathe out, and in high doses, it is toxic. The system must be that of the astronaut in the suit, it would break. (read on below)