Willie Lehman: the mystery of the disappearance of the prototype shtirlitsa

History 03/02/20 Willie Lehman: the mystery of the disappearance of the prototype shtirlitsa

Willie Lehman is considered one of the prototypes of Shtirlits: his life and really was more like a spy Thriller. Being the only member of the Gestapo who had collaborated with Soviet intelligence, Lehman has managed to get many important information. However, in 1942 a valuable agent had disappeared.


according to Theodore Gladkov, the author of the book “lift in exploration”, a native of Saxony, Willie Lehman imbued with a special feeling to the Russians during his service in the Navy. Then he was lucky enough to watch from aboard a German cruiser in the famous battle of Tsushima. However, a Soviet spy, Lehman was not immediately. After leaving the Navy, he served in the Prussian police. After a few years experienced employee was transferred to the political section 1-A. Willie Lehman was not among the leaders of the highest rank, but was privy to many plans for counterintelligence and was responsible for their execution. In 1929, realizing that he now has a fairly significant information, Leman Sam offered his services to the Soviet side.

meanwhile, Willie Lehman continued to build a career in Nazi Germany. Writes Maksim Zhmakin in his book “SMERSH vs abver. The secret operation and legendary scouts” in 1933, after Hitler came to power, the Leman with the help of Hermann Goering got the job in the Gestapo, and a few months later joined the SS. In 1935, Willie Lehman, who enjoyed not only the unlimited confidence among his colleagues, but also the unquestioned authority began to deal with the issues of the defence industry. All the information of Leman passed the USSR. It is noteworthy that when in 1940 the communication with the center is terminated, Willie Lehman, which received the code name “Breitenbach”, hoping to resume relations sent a letter to the Soviet Embassy.

the Merits of “Breitenbach”

in General, “Breitenbach” has always shown incredible zeal in the work. Largely because of that Willy Leman and managed to get a lot of important Union information. So, according to Alexey Kazakova, author of “Espionage writers”, in 1935, Lehman was present at the testing of prototypes of rockets “FAU-1 and FAU-2”. Information about German rockets helped domestic designers in creating their own weapons. In addition Willie Lehman reported to the centre about the plans of the Nazis to create submarines, cars, increased security, improved gas masks, synthetic fuels. And for the Soviet decryption service Leman produced the most valuable texts of the telegrams to the Gestapo.

One of the most important contributions of Willie Lehmann is his warning about the beginning of the great Patriotic war. Now most historians believe this fact is undeniable. Vladimir Kuchin in the publication “world wave history from 1991 to 2014” says that in 2009 was declassified archival materials of the case “Breitenbach”. According to the documents, 19 June 1941 Willy Lehmann at a meeting with an employee of Berlin station Zhuravlev announced the exact date and even the time of the German attack on the Soviet Union. That’s just the words of Lehman in Moscow did not listen.

the Mystery of the missing

In 1941, the link with Willi Lehmann was again lost. Nevertheless, “Breitenbach” continued to work hard. In December 1942, Lehmann was called into the service, but back home, he never returned. Wife Willie said about his disappearance. However, according to Boris Sokolov on the pages of his book “the Invisible front in world war II. Myths and reality”, the Gestapo officers assured Frau Lehman is that Willie already actively searching for. But no results, these fake searches and have not given. Nevertheless, some explanation of the sudden disappearance of Willie Lehmann should have been given. Then in the official Gazette of the Gestapo and has published an article stating that the inspector of Leman “gave his life for the führer and the Reich.”

the Gestapo knew about what happened to Willie Lehman. But this do not say, even to Adolf Hitler: no one wanted to answer for the fact that the Soviet agent wormed his way into the ranks of the political police. Therefore, Lehman was killed without trial. According to Alexey Toptygin, author of “the Unknown Beria”, in may 1942 in Germany were abandoned Soviet agent Hans Bart, which was to establish a connection with the Lehman. However, Bart was in the Gestapo, where he was given the information by which you can get to the “Breitenbach”. So Willy Leman was exposed. The exact date of death and place of burial Lehmann install failed.

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