Why Yuri Andropov fought in the Great Patriotic

Biography 01/02/20 Why Yuri Andropov fought in the Great Patriotic war

By the time when the Great Patriotic war, Yuri Andropov, was 27 years old. Taking into account the age of the then Secretary General, one would assume that Andropov was involved in the fighting. However, such episodes in the biography of Yuri Vladimirovich no. However, one medal it was awarded.

Before the war and during its first months,

writes Roy Medvedev in his book, “Political portraits”, shortly before the great Patriotic war, Yuri Andropov was sent to work in a young Karelian-Finnish Republic. In June 1940 he became the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Lenin Communist youth Union. My first family Andropov left in Yaroslavl. However, to his former wife, he never came back. In Petrozavodsk he met with Tatiana Lebedeva, a graduate of the pedagogical school, which had just started to build their career in the Komsomol organization.

At that moment, according to Sergei Semanov, the author of the book “KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov”, Finland had plans to seize the Karelian Peninsula, and Lebedev was enrolled in a group of saboteurs to operate behind enemy lines. But Andropov Tatiana is so liked what he was trying under the pretext as often as possible to remove the girl from the dangerous jobs. Soon Lebedev replied to the Secretary in return. In the first months of the great Patriotic war lovers have registered their relationship, and in August, 1941, there appeared their first child, son Igor.

“Hanging around in the rear”

I’m Sure some will seem strange the fact that, while the whole country was at war, Yuri Andropov, that is, adjusted their privacy. This situation is considered improper and the Secretary of the Communist party on personnel A. A. Varlamov, the words of which are given in the book by Yuri Vasiliev, “Yury Andropov. On the way to power.” Varlamov told the head of Department orginstruktorskogo Department of the Central Committee of KP(b) of the Karelo-Finnish SSR I. V. Vlasov that he doesn’t understand why “young and healthy guy hanging around in the rear”. According to Varlamov, workers of the Komsomol Committee at the time was enough without the Yuri.

in fact, direct participation in hostilities Andropov was not accepted. But he is still considered one of the main organizers of the partisan movement in Karelia. This was mentioned in his publication “15 meetings with the KGB General Belchenko” and Alexei Popov. And Igor Sinitsin, author of the book “Andropov close. Memories of the thaw and stagnation,” argues that Yuri Andropov was frequently behind enemy lines, where he flew in a light biplane Po-2. In addition, at the same time, according to Sinitsyna, Andropov first came into contact with the work of the NKVD. Subsequently, as you know, he became Chairman of the KGB.

a Coward and ambitious?

meanwhile, the former head Yuri Andropov, first Secretary of the Karelian regional Committee of the CPSU(b) Gennady Kupriyanov in his manuscript “the guerrilla war in the North,” wrote that a future Chairman of the KGB did not go to the front, not because I was busy with party work or organization of the partisan movement. According to Kupriyanov, Andropov was ambitious and “chronic coward.” Whenever Yuri was complaining about sore kidneys. Even the presence of a small child as claimed Kupriyanov, Andropov used as an excuse for refusing to send him underground or guerrilla unit. However, the doctor of historical Sciences Yury Vasilev considers that Kupriyanov could speak about Andropov because of resentment. The fact that Gennady had been convicted in connection with the “Leningrad affair” and the accusations against the defendants and supported Yuri Andropov.

whatever it was, in the early 1950-ies Gennady Kupriyanov was arrested, and Yuri Andropov at the same time, he was transferred to Moscow. It is noteworthy that, according to Jacob Happymyslicki, author of the book “State and government” to assist in this translation rendered Andropov, Otto Kuusinen, the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Karelo-Finnish SSR. And during the war Yuri not stood still: in 1944 he was appointed second Secretary of the Petrozavodsk city Committee CPSU(b). In addition, the authorities have not paid attention to and participation of Andropov in the guerrilla movement: in may 1943 he was awarded the medal “Partisan of the Patriotic war”.

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