Why the tractor driver Alexander raschupkina pretended to be man in world

History 26/01/20 Why the tractor driver Alexander raschupkina pretended to be a man in the Great Patriotic

within three years of Alexander raschupkina fought on par with their fellow men. Perhaps if not for the injury, one would never have guessed that Sasha is a Tomboy, as he was called Rashupkina, not the guy and the girl. When Sasha pulled out of the destroyed tank and shot a burning form, all gasped.

Haircut is zero and menswear

Alexander raschupkina was born and raised in Uzbekistan. From his youth Alexander was fond of technology: mastered and car, and tractor, and harvester. By the beginning of the war behind Rashupkina already had many years of driving experience. In addition, by 1941, Alexander managed to get married and have two children. However, the two children did not live long. So when the husband went to the front, raschupkina were completely alone. That’s when she realized she didn’t want to hide behind others.

Not once Alexander raschupkina was besieged by the military Commissariat employees, urging them to send her to the front. But all were in vain: not even helped Enron Alexandra driving experience. Once again, returning home with nothing raschupkina to try a zero, changed into male clothes and went back to classrooms. Named Alexander by Rashupkina, the woman finally was directed to the training of mechanics-drivers of the tank, and then to 62 army, commanded by General Vasily Chuikov.

Shy Sasha is a Tomboy

That Chuikov was one of two people who were privy to the secret of the tanker raschupkina. The second was the doctor who examined Alexander. At first he wanted to report everything to management, but the woman managed to persuade the physician not to do so. But colleagues Rashupkina about anything did not guess for a long three years. Alexander fought alongside his fellow men, who even called dashing mechanics “Sasha-Tomboy”.

in addition to courage, blessit is the secret of Alexander Rashupkina helped and unusual female body type: narrow hips and broad shoulders. Besides, she tried to speak a male voice. And if you were given the opportunity to wash, raschupkina always retire, explaining their behavior in the usual shyness. So Alexandra was able to hold out until the winter of 1945.

Wounded near Bunzlau

Under Bunzlau (today bolesławiec) tank, which was ruled by raschupkina, were in ambush on the enemy. The car caught fire, and with it Alexander. Comrades pulled out Sasha, the Tomboy from the tank, tore off his burning clothes and gasped. At this point raschupkina recovered and of those soldiers realized that the more she has nothing to hide. At the hands of Alexander was carried from the battlefield.

raschupkina got serious wounds and burns and spent several weeks in a hospital bed. And soon the war came to an end.

After the war

After the victory of Alexander raschupkina, along with her husband moved to Kuibyshev (today Samara). Husband of Resorcinol returned from the war disabled. However, for Alexandra wound received under Bunzlau, also not in vain: she could no longer have children. However Rashupkina lived happily for almost 30 years, until the head of the family did not.

Alexandra Mitrofanovna again, as before she had to pretend to be a man in the military, was left alone. Her loneliness brightened only neighbors but students of one of the Samara schools which regularly visited the possessor of many military awards, including the order of the red Star. Maybe only thanks to the attention of Alexander raschupkina and lived to be 96 years old. She died there, in Samara, in 2010.

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