Why the tankers Hitler did not wear helmets

Another 11/01/20 Why the tankers Hitler did not wear helmets

Tank helmet — item military uniforms, appeared in the First world war. When on the battlefields of the first tank and started the tank battles. The first developments were neither comfort nor efficiency. The armored helmets of the early 20th century was virtually unable to protect the crew from shrapnel or from hot spatter or even personal injury that could obtain tanker during strong shaking when driving the car.

Subsequently, in preparation for the Second world war and after it started, participating countries worked and improved their tank helmets (which later became the headsets), increasing their reliability, convenience and functionality. Whose hats were the best based on these characteristics?
Scientific and Patriotic edition of the same name and information portal “Military review” conducted its own study, “the History of tank helmet”. As a result, the following data were obtained:
– English tank helmet — one of the first taken into service in the first world war. It was upgraded from infantry helmet Mk.I, the people called “basin” for its characteristic like a metal basin, form. The Foundation is an alloy of steel and manganese, excluded the magnetized helmet. Fastened from inside on the liner of waxed fabric and mesh lining antiseptic cotton is allowed to customize the size. In addition, the first tank helmet, from British tankers WWII were upgraded models – cruise-1 and cruise-2. According to “Military review” highly reliable British tank helmets were not different;
– French kind was made on the basis of the infantry helmets O. Adrian. He also became a developer directly tank helmet in 1917. Helmet came with a visor, and was equipped with only goggles to protect the eyes. This design specialactivities was possible for the French tanks to use together with helmet and mask. From a concentrated rifle and machine-gun fire in the open slits of the tank, which was used by the German troops, the helmets saved poorly;
– the Soviet tanker helmet WWII — sample model 1938, was converted from aviation. Since 1942 helmet were equipped with radio equipment and was renamed the headset. From the point of view of convenience and comfort he was perhaps the most successful — multi-layered protection from natural materials (stories, fur, canvas upper, leather, horsehair) is effectively protected from injury, frostbite, which provides shock absorption upon impact. To protect the ears was provided by the valves. Subsequently, the headset was in service with the Soviet army and other countries almost until the collapse of the Soviet Union, and even later;
– U.S. tank helmet was also developed in 1938 By the technical task of defense of the United States design had to be lightweight, reliable and durable. The competition was won by the company Rawlings Manufacturing Corporation, and in 1940 started production of the American model of tank helmet М1938 at the sports headgear of players in American football. Foundation — a well-ventilated synthetic fiber plus leather cap of four petals. This helmet didn’t save from bullets and shrapnel, but was comfortable and easy. If necessary, the American tankers could wear it on top of the standard M1 steel helmet, he’s always been in the tank. Subsequently, the model has become quite popular, was exported to China, UK, Israel;
– Panzer helmets resembled French and English, but additionally packaged with a chainmail mask that protects the neck of the fighter. However, during the military operations in Poland, the German tank crews abandoned helmets and began to use standard caps. The reason this was done is still a subject of debate and discussion of military experts. According to one veRSI, helmets are not docked with the radio equipment, which was an extremely important element of a tank battle Nazi Germany. On the other — the spacious and comfortable German tanks didn’t need extra protection for the heads of the tank. One thing is clear – panzerwaffe has not approved and has not introduced a special helmet for the tank. Although the development was carried out until 1940, officially adopted received no one model presented in the experimental samples;
– Italian armored helmets of the sample М1935 have proven themselves as very reliable, and even afterwards, up until the 1960s, and he served tankers not only Italy but also other European countries;
– Japanese helmet — hemispherical frame tubes, effectively and evenly distributed impact energy. But, alas, it is not protected from bullets and shrapnel. Protection of ears and neck here, too, was absent.

Thus, we can conclude that the most reliable and effective was the Soviet, American, and Italian models of armored helmets of the Second world war.

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