Why the assassination of Stalin of German saboteurs special sewn coat

History 26/01/20 Why the assassination of Stalin of German saboteurs special sewn coat

After a terrorist attack against the leaders of the three allied powers — Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill plotting the Germans during the Tehran conference in 1943, was thwarted, intelligence and sabotage on Board “Zeppelin” made the decision to eliminate the Supreme commander of the USSR in Moscow. Two spies, former Soviet citizens who sided with the enemy, wife Lydia Shilova and Peter Tavrin (real name Shiloh) 27 September 1944, gave the German intelligence first radiochimica about the allegedly successful beginning of the operation. In fact, immediately upon arrival on the territory of the Soviet Union, the terrorists fell into the hands of Soviet counterintelligence, and sent the Germans false cryptogram already in the safe house NKGB.

the failure of the operation

according to an official version, recidivist Peter Tavrin, in 1942, voluntarily passed from the ranks of the red army on the side of the Nazis, were trained in commando centre “Zeppelin-Nord”, which first was in Pskov, and then moved to Riga. In January 1944, with Tavrin three times was found, the main saboteur of the Third Reich, Otto Skorzeny and explained the details of his mission – to kill Stalin right in the Soviet capital. 5 September 1944 the aces of the Luftwaffe air group “KG-200” for a special four-engine airplane “Arado 232” intended for the landing and sabotage groups at night and on any terrain, make an unsuccessful attempt to throw the terrorists into the territory of the USSR. According to one version, the aircraft on Board of which were the saboteurs, was hit by anti-aircraft gunners of antiaircraft defence of the Moscow district, after which the pilots were forced to make an emergency landing in the area of Rzhev. According to another version, confirmed on questioning by Tavrin, landing Rzhev was planned, but during her plane received serious damage. Anyway, was worth a commando group to land, as they along with the crew was immediately taken under arrest by the NKVD-NKGB. When Shilova found false documents of second Lieutenant SMERSH. Have Tavrin was seized fake documents of major military counterintelligence SMERSH and Hero of the Soviet Union, the true star of Hero of the Soviet Union, the medals taken by the Germans from the dead officers of the red army, the blank forms of the various certificates, more than hundred seals of various Soviet institutions. In addition, when agents of the intelligence and sabotage organization DM “Zeppelin” was discovered pistols with bullets explosive and toxic action, radio-controlled explosive device and special weapons “Panzerknacker” nine rocket-propelled grenades.

a weapon

Portable grenade “Panzerknacker”, 30-mm charge which was able to penetrate the armor of 35-40 mm at a distance of 300 meters, was only 20 cm in length and 5 cm in diameter. Attached “Panzerknacker” straps directly to the hand operated push-button device. For actuation of the electrical mechanism on the belt was a small battery.

If the guns would be useful in the case of close contact with the “father of Nations” during one of the official events to get on that Taurine could help falsified heroic biography, the special weapons “Panzerknacker” German terrorists had to apply, if you have the opportunity to kill Stalin right in his armoured vehicle during a tour of the city.

masking grenade Taurinus ordered in one of Riga’s tailoring shops branded leather coats employee of SMERSH, the distinguishing feature of which was the uneven size of the sleeves – right wider than the left. The right sleeve and the saboteur had intended to hide the murder weapon. According to one version, and did not receive, however, sufficiently documented, thanks to this coat, the Soviet secret service and was sooh, aware of the impending casting of German saboteurs on the unusual order to the security services reported the Riga city underground.


the Fate of the German terrorists, and members of the crew and sabotage the plane was unenviable. In August, 1945 by the verdict of the Special Council of the NKVD of the pilots of the Luftwaffe who carried out the casting of terrorists on the territory of the USSR, and therefore does not fall under the category of prisoners of war, was sentenced to death. Tavrin and Shilova several more years, saving cooperate with the Soviet intelligence service, which first led to the enemy’s side of the radio game, codenamed “Fog”, wanting to prevent the landing of new German sabotage groups, and then, in the postwar years, used the failed assassins of Stalin as bait for a possible Nazi agent. However, in 1951, Tavrin and Shilova was tried and also sentenced to death. A year later the sentence was executed.

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