Why Stalin has decided that defeated Hitler after the battle of Moscow

History 09/01/20 Why Stalin has decided that defeated Hitler after the battle of Moscow

local historians claim that a defeat of the USSR in the great Patriotic war was due to the fact that the Supreme commander of Joseph Stalin misinformed about the real situation on the fronts, giving him incorrect information about the situation of the enemy. The decisions are solely taken by Stalin based on this information, the result has been fatal in terms of strategy and tactics.

the Battle for Moscow: Stalin was convinced that “the Germans were exhausted”

the round table organized by the editorial staff of the newspaper “Krasnaya Zvezda”, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Center for military history of Russia of Institute of Russian history George Kumanev said that the legendary German scouts of the “red orchestra” in the winter of 1941 – 1942 reported to Moscow about a 75% depletion and demoralization of German divisions to Stalin reported: the Germans unable to advance, they have no gasoline and ammunition, and losses exceed 6 million soldiers and officers, mainly of the Wehrmacht.

In the end, Joseph Stalin came to the conclusion about the absence of reserves of the enemy, that the enemy exhausted, as a result it is advisable to utilize a simultaneous offensive operations on all fronts.

According to the candidate of historical Sciences Alexander Orlov, intelligence officers supplying false information to Stalin (which he eventually believed), was based on data of the French General staff – the French claimed that, according to them, crushed under the Soviet capital, the Germans would recover for a serious attack on Moscow only in the late spring of 1942, they needed a long break. If the red army such an operational pause, the Germans did not provide, and in the winter of 1941 – 1942 years will continue to occur, the chances of serious revenge in the spring of 1942, Hitler’s Wehrmacht near Moscow already not remain. Orlov says that a serious attitude to such data is largely due to obschezapadnuyu euphoria after the collapse of the blitzkrieg of the Nazis in December 1941. America declared war on Germany December 7 – on the second day after the army went in absemetova the offensive and drove the enemy from the capital, 150 – 300 km (this is the data of the doctor of historical Sciences, Professor of chair of world and Russian history of MGIMO, Mikhail Myagkov).

As noted by Alexander Orlov, the information of excessive losses of the Nazis and their allegedly extremely low combat capability in the end played a fatal role in the outcome of major operations undertaken in the counteroffensive of the red Army – despite the strategic initiative to the red army, the task of the Supreme commander was not implemented. Soviet troops in the battle suffered very heavy losses, the success achieved is not at all strategic offensive operations.

In particular, according to the military historian Grigoriy Krivosheev, the Red army as a result of the Rzhev-Vyazma operation in 1942 for 4 months lost about 770 thousand soldiers and officers (according to German sources the losses of the Wehrmacht were 2.3 times less). As a result, as wrote in the diary the chief of Hitler’s General staff Franz Halder, was actually destroyed by the 33rd army, then in “operation Seydlitz” the Germans defeated the 39th army and 11th cavalry corps.

As mentioned veterans

Soviet and Russian art historian, Professor, writer and diarist Nikolai Nikulin, who fought in February 1942 in the Novgorod region, wrote in his memoirs that the battle for the station Bear their unit through the collective efforts of small-arms shot down “Junkers”. The soldiers called him “lapotnikov” because of the fairings to protect the wheels and fixed landing gear resembled shod in sandals feet. Nikulin recalled that their commanders reported to headquarters about this downed plane. Similar reports were received from infantry and gunners. While the information was pon instances, the planes increased. The veteran contends that such practice was used on all fronts of the great Patriotic war, and many historical documents about the number of casualties on both sides, destroyed manpower and equipment, which today are the researchers of the great Patriotic war, is simply inaccurate because of these additions.

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