Why Stalin feared the trial of the traitor Vlasov

History 07/02/20 Why Stalin feared the trial of the traitor Vlasov

About General Vlasov there are still polar views. For some he is a traitor and a coward, for other fighter against the regime. For the KGB, he was the chief traitor to the country, the process of which was subject to full closure.

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the Former General-Lieutenant of the Soviet army Andrei Vlasov fell into the hands of Soviet intelligence 12 may 1945, after unsuccessful attempts to surrender to the allies or to settle in neutral Switzerland. 15 may he was at the Lubyanka and given at the disposal of the chief of the Main Directorate of counterintelligence “SMERSH” Victor Abakumov. Vlasov was actively interrogated for 10 days, then another long 8 months lasted a consequence in his case.
In the beginning over the General-the traitor and his companions were supposed to be an open process, which would be attended by the high command of the red army. However, as shown by the course of the interrogation, there was too much information, which has not been made public. In mid-April 1946, Abakumov sent Stalin a letter which drew attention of the leader of that traitors can present on court, his anti-Soviet views, “which objectively coincide with the mood of a certain part of the population, dissatisfied with the Soviet power.” He offered to hear the case at a closed court session.
From the beginning of the arrest Vlasov knew only a small group of individuals, and the investigation was not publicized in mass print. In the hands of the Soviet secret police was not just the traitor General, but also the man who headed abroad for anti-Soviet movement whose goal was the overthrow of the Communist regime in the USSR. Taking into account the above, the consequence insisted on the death penalty Vlasov and another 11 people, representing the top leadership of ROA and ACPD.
From July 30 to August 1, 1946, in the case of the Vlasov held a closed hearing of the military Collegium of the Supreme court of the USSR. Before you make the final verdict, the judges held a seven-hour meeting. The verdict was expected. Heads made in Germany “Committee for the liberation of peoples of Russia” was found guilty on five counts, foremost of which was “treason by military personnel”, and condemned to death by hanging.
the same day the sentence was executed in prison. The bodies of the executed were cremated and the ashes dumped into the pit next to the Donskoy monastery. This place is in the post called “beds unclaimed ashes.” According to historian Kirill Alexandrov there for decades dumped the bodies of executed enemies of the Soviet Union.
Only on 2 August the Central Soviet Newspapers published a short note on the trial of Vlasov, which were executed as “agents of the German intelligence service conducting active espionage and sabotage and terrorist activities against the Soviet Union.”

the Forbidden document

What is so subversive could tell Vlasov on the court, what was so afraid of the KGB? First and foremost is the political views of the disgraced General. Most deployed they were set out in the “Prague Manifesto”, announced on November 14, 1944 and became the ideological basis and at the same time program for ACPD.
the Manifesto declared three main objectives ACPD: the overthrow of Stalin’s tyranny; the end of war and conclusion of peace with Germany; the establishment of a new political system free of Bolshevik ideology. The ruling in the USSR the top of the Vlasov repeatedly called “the party of crooks and demagogues”, turning the country into one great camp, and the idea of communism is “idealistic nonsense”. The October revolution, he opposed the February, had for the history of a more progressive value. Bolshevik slogans, in his opinion, had to be replaced by a triad of prosperity, nationalism, unity.
character of the war waged by the Soviet Union against Germanyand, Vlasov called not defensive, but aggressive. From his words, on occupied by the red army territories was growing discontent against the Soviet power and the desire to embark on the path of the liberation struggle. Even after the great Patriotic war, these words could sound as a provocation and a call for the overthrow of the ruling regime.
Especially paid attention to the manifest words of the Union with Germany. It said that the hatred between the Soviet and German peoples artificially lit Stalin, which would benefit from this feud. The aim of the joint Russian-German forces – to liberate the world from Bolshevism and to create a Union, which is dictated by “historical, geographical and economic necessity.” Allow loud to sound like the speeches after the defeat of Nazi Germany, which brought so much grief to Soviet soil, of course, was unacceptable.

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Candidate of historical Sciences Kirill Alexandrov draws attention to the fact that in the case of the Vlasov was not the transcript, but the Protocol (it became accessible only with the collapse of the Soviet Union). The document, writes the historian, “provides only a short and schematic account of the process of interpretation of the VC secretaries of the Soviet Union and therefore cannot serve as a reliable source”.
in addition, according to Alexandrov, we have no full text of the letter Abakumov to Stalin. This document had access historian Leonid reshin at the time of writing work on the Vlasov movement, but was published only some extracts from the letter. This document, as well as other pertinent Vlasov, now buried in the Central archive of the FSB are classified as “top secret.”
However, from the available today the match report on the progress of the investigation, we can understand that he tried to hide government from the public. However, our contemporaries, who have the opportunity to see the enormous amount of literature on the Stalinist era, this information is no longer able to surprise.
during interrogation, held in the Lubyanka in the days after the arrest, Vlasov was confident that the interests of the Russian people by Stalin and the government was brought in favor of Anglo-American capital. The former General told that the German authorities have repeatedly questioned him about Stalin, in particular the Jews, who could be surrounded by a leader. That said, on this occasion, Vlasov, is not documented.
the accused Also gave the result of the words of Himmler, who prophesied that Stalin’s regime will soon fall, his successor on military Affairs will become beetles, civil – Zhdanov. Of course, Zhdanov and Zhukov know it was optional. Apparently, Vlasov and many readily criticized Stalin: a significant part of this was omitted from the Protocol.
during the interrogation, questions were raised about the people who are today on the territory of the Soviet Union and is able to organize a coup in Russia. According to the Protocol, Vlasov said that such exist, but could not name them or simply not recorded.
In the court of the Vlasov also had to answer a lot of questions. And again anti-Stalinist position, and stories about the formation of the anti-Bolshevik movement in the West, and the forces able to continue the struggle against the Soviet regime in the country.
the Answers of other defendants also were not supposed to reach out to the public. In particular, former generals Malyshkin, and Zhilenkov told about his connection with the Anglo-American intelligence, which gave all of their secret information about the Soviet Union. In addition, they wrote “defamatory references” to some people interested in Western intelligence agencies.
As time has shown, fears of Soviet organs of state security were met. Very quickly, “Prague Manifesto” has become the ideological platform for the creation of different and not always connected “Vlasov” organizations abroad, to which the name of the executed head of the ACPD has become almost a symbol of the struggle with Bolshevism and Stalinism. However, to put down roots within the USSR they were not meant to be.

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