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History 12/01/20 Why Soviet intelligence agents jumped before crossing the front lines

Military intelligence officers in the preparatory phase, operations must follow a set of rules for the successful implementation of the attacks in the enemy’s rear – any deviation from these conventions is threatened by the death of the entire group, and the failure of the task.

cannot be heard and are not visible

the Chief of intelligence of the 43rd separate infantry brigade Colonel Nicholas Potashnikov in the book “Military intelligence” (1945) wrote that a well-prepared scout important logistical and combat support. And such, so not unmasked during operations in the enemy’s rear.

For example, Potashnikov believed that if the RAID takes place in dry, rocky terrain, the scouts must wear sandals or Slippers with padded soles, which will ensure neslyshno movement of reconnaissance. Boots the commander of the reconnaissance unit in the quality of the Shoe for the exploration noted is: in the swamp collect water (and in General in the aquatic environment “produce noise”), while moving on all fours to scoop the sand. Potashnikov recommended that scouts wear either boots (fabric or leather), or even rubber stockings.

Strums – band can detect

the Full gentleman of awards of Glory in the Great Patriotic section commander of a separate reconnaissance company of the infantry division Alexander Peregudin in his memoirs, “the Scouts are in search of” the described preparations for one of the raids in the enemy’s rear.

the Foundation of small arms scouts were machines that in winter they are masking bandaged, a man was issued two anti-personnel grenade f-1 and one hundred rounds per soldier. On top of the cotton pants and jackets – white camouflage. Documents and awards before the RAID, surrendered to the commanders remaining in the forefront. All scouts were ordered to jump, to find out whether the ringing equipment. The author of the memoir “the Scouts are in search for” something ssaid stokowiec together f-1. Had to shift into different pockets of his jacket.

how about Germans?

major-General Sergei Surin, in the Great Patriotic war, Deputy chief of the intelligence staff of the Transcaucasian military district, in the brochure “reconnaissance in the German army,” wrote: the Germans were in combat patrol with minimal equipment and in a light that doesn’t impede motion, uniform.

Surin cited several instances where German intelligence officers deliberately attracted the attention of noise – in particular, the Russian language, if they have the units there were soldiers or officers, well speaking in Russian: the hope was that the enemy in the dark the enemy will scout for her to return from a mission, and thus the Nazis will be able to weaken the vigilance of the enemy in the capture of a prisoner. One day in 1943 one of the sections of the front reconnaissance of the red army noticed a few “wounded” Germans, who were lying and moaning (in this way scouts of the Wehrmacht, who were in ambush, I tried to bait our group). But the Soviet squad unraveled the intentions of the enemy and shot from cover “malingerers” and the remaining Germans withdrew hastily.

the Germans often used for detection of reconnaissance, ambushes and secrets of the red army sentry dogs sent forward through the infiltration of Nazi intelligence units in the depth of the Soviet defense.

“don’t wear noise a”

the Historian of arms and author of a number of techniques for unarmed combat, martial arts and self-defence Anatoly Tarasov in his book “Preparation of the scout: system of special troops GRU” talks about ways to ensure noiseless movement of reconnaissance used in modern special forces intelligence in the world.

the Equipment before resveratol recommended good fit – not only for quietness, but for convenience when moving: it should not hamper movement. Regarding shoes – greasing, drying, that did not creak and do not flap around when walking. Scouts-a special forces before going on missione suggest not only jump, but also to tumble, rolling on the ground, checking your gear on “greatest”. Upon detection of the characteristic knocking should immediately identify and eliminate the cause, otherwise the scout will “carry the noise with you.”

For example, metallic objects are passed matter, in boxes with matches and shoved a piece of bandage or paper, and matches have no noise when walking or sudden movements. Military intelligence GRU taught in a special way on all fours to walking on metal roofs (the roofing sheets do not rattle from the steps), the apartments – close to the wall (under the feet to not creak the floorboards or parquet).

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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