Botanical extracts have been in existence for hundreds of years by humans because of their incredible beauty powers and their capability of making the skin appear vibrant and healthy. Before the use of synthetic substances which mimic plant extract properties, from as early as the year 300 B.C., plants were the main cosmetic source. Once harnessed properly, botanicals will do wonders for the skin. Let us look into some of their wonderful benefits.

Botanical Skincare Products Offer Antioxidant Benefits

Oxidation involves a process by which the human body transfers hydrogen from molecule to molecule, and this helps in offering the body usable energy. The generation of energy and additional metabolic processes cause the formation of free radical cells. Such cells “steal” electrons from all living cells.

Free radical cells can alter lipids, DNA, and proteins, leading to aging and triggering diseases. Once they build up inside the body, oxidative stress occurs. In turn, the body requires antioxidants, not to prevent loose skin, fine lines, or oxidation; yet to help in collagen synthesis and fighting free radicals, which prevent wrinkles and slows the aging process down. 

Botanical Skincare Products Reduce Inflammation

Botanically-derived luxury skincare products from Tata Harper contain anti-irritating properties that assist in soothing the skin, in addition to reducing redness in skin that is prone to acne. Skin inflammation caused by acne or wounds triggers anti-inflammatory reactions, which as a result, increase the number of free radicals in the injured area.

If the wounds have been slow to heal, natural skin products from Tata Harper packed with Vitamin C might be the solution for you. Such products restrict the number of free radicals within a wound site, decrease scarring, and stimulate the production of skin barriers that heal wounds. 

Botanical Skincare Products Are Gentle on Your Skin

One of the main reasons to try botanical products by Tata Harper is gentle skin care. All too often, we usually apply synthetic products which combine several ingredients, most of which lead to damaging skin reactions.

Botanical products from Tata Harper are manufactured with extracts, so only small quantities are necessary to provide maximum benefits. In addition, dermatologists scientifically combine the products, guaranteeing no reactions unless you’re allergic to a certain ingredient.

Why do botanical skin care products work?

Botanically based luxury skincare products from Tata Harper come from plants that have been organically grown, and they are harvested without using chemicals and pesticides. That means to reach maturity, the plants have stood up to diseases by acquiring antibacterial and anti-microbial properties to fight pests and diseases. They’ve also formed natural antioxidants that keep them from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. Also, they’ve gained the capability of binding water inside their cells, preventing them from dying.

The above hydrating, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties, once introduced to the skin in their natural state, provide the skin the same resistance that plants gained until they reached maturity. The best reason that they are so effective is that they’re blended by professional skin care experts and scientists, who ensure the proper ratios for maximum effectiveness. If you’ve been experiencing issues with your existing skincare regimen why not give botanical skincare a try?