Why Russian soldiers were taught to shoot without aiming

Weapons 16/12/19 Why Russian soldiers were taught to shoot without aiming

Bespricinnaya shooting still practiced from the mid-seventeenth century, it was understood that this principle in the crucial moments of the attack can not be distracted by pin-point shots in the smoke of the fight, losing precious seconds. In the modern armies of the world other reasons to justify the effectiveness of this technique firing.

the Prussian infantry didn’t trigger

Scottish historian August Constam, describing the tactics of the Russian and Prussian infantry in the Seven years war (50-ies of the XVII century), noted that the Prussian Charter, upon the occurrence required to besprizornye fire in the middle of the formation of the enemy. General-in-chief the Willem Farmer, author of the Russian leadership to battle with the enemy, have focused on aimed fire of infantry, (it was ordered “to aim for half the growth [of enemy soldiers]”).

However, as noted by Konstam, though this method was more effective in melee (then fired with 50-70 m), it often was essential to the victory: the Prussian army was more successful than the Russian due to better maneuverability in the conditions of the battle, our troops could not act “with haste”.

Welcome to melee

According to statements of domestic and foreign experts, shooting offhand (also called intuition) of all kinds of weapons effective especially in close combat when the fighter aktiviziruyutsya tunnel vision — he sees only the purpose in the center of the view, losing peripheral review. The author of “Tactical shooting” Alexey Potapov cites examples of unsighted shooting, which is practiced more Junior officer ranks of the Royal army. In this edition describes in detail the technique of such fire, used primarily by special forces.

the Instructor for marksmanship from the U.S. Gabriel Suarez in his article in the Russian magazine “soldier of fortune” explores the opinions of my compatriots about the unsighted shootingwould the appropriateness of its application. He believes that the main advantage of the principle of firing without aiming are specific conditions, which are the fighters often for target shooting there is no time — it is important to quickly respond to a target.

Suarez divides the tactics of indirect firing for the soldiers of the regular army and special forces, which, for example, involved in the operation to free the hostages — especially the fire in these situations are fundamentally different because in the latter case, the process must be strictly differentiable and attention to detail. Tactics shooting of special forces (including blind, unsighted) is a result of careful preparation.

How do you see the Russian soldier of the future

Relatively recently, the public was presented the development of suburban defensive enterprise “TSNIITOCHMASH”, which is a unique military equipment of the Russian soldier. In particular, according to the chief designer of the life support system of military combat equipment of this JSC, Oleg Faustov, filled with ultramodern electronics helmet of a soldier will allow him to fire a gun, not aiming, the targeting will be “smart filling” of equipment.

the garb of a Russian soldier is still experimental scientific development of our defense industry. Prior to the adoption of similar equipment in service with the Russian troops so far away.

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