Why revolutionary Kamo were called

History 12/02/20 Why revolutionary Kamo were called “insane”

After the death of the name of each famous person acquires legends. In the Soviet Union the names of the heroes of the revolution have brontoli, with many extraordinary moments from their lives behind the scenes. One of these fighters for the happiness of the working people was Simon Ter-Petrossian, for comrades in the struggle just – Kamo called a fool.

the Armenian revolutionary

From a young age, after being expelled from Church school, Simon plunged into revolutionary activities. Later in Soviet Armenia, his name became known streets and avenues, but before the revolution, a young man was more interested in the police. Like Stalin, hot Caucasian camo famously very cleverly organized attacks and robbing banks and stores to fill with party funds. While camo was being honest with his friends, never took a penny from the rich mining. After escaping from prison and meeting with Stalin in 1905, Kamo led a detachment of fighters, who engaged in the expropriation.

Maxim Gorky – the chronicler camo

a Particularly warm about Kamo answered writer Maxim Gorky. In his memoirs, there are lines describing the meeting of revolutionaries in his apartment at the intersection of Mokhovaya and Vozdvizhenka streets. Periodically, as Gorky wrote, they are attacked by the black hundreds, which is very well and wisely to break up a small combat squad of the Caucasian youth under the leadership of dashing camo. And about the Armenian revolutionary writer heard so much awesome that if I didn’t know him personally, never would believe in such courage and luck. Party colleagues called camo crazy, but considered him a terrorist are incredibly lucky.

Lenin Once instructed him to procure and bring to Russia the weapons from abroad. Because it means the party was not, Kamo decided to extract them from the authorities. In 1907 in Tiflis a group of militants Kamo robbed Cossack convoy pensosushi the money of the Treasury. Cossacks pelted with bombs and catch the revolutionaries amounted to 300 thousand rubles in gold (roughly $ 5 million in modern equivalent). Given that the police knew the number of bills, their exchange is taken to Finland to Lenin, and from there to Europe to purchase weapons.

German psychiatrists against the Caucasian revolutionary

the Purchase of stolen money weapons in Berlin has instructed all the same essential camo. It was great. They purchased the revolver and ammunition and explosives. But the revolutionary and the smuggler were overtaken by misfortune. To the German police he received a denunciation, and a young man after a search has taken. The consignment of arms, explosives in a suitcase with a double bottom, a large amount of money – the reason for the arrest and expulsion to Russia more than serious. But just send home camo the most feared. To avoid this, he portrayed a crazy. He was sent to a psychiatric hospital. The best doctors in Germany tried to catch a malingerer. In vain. His pupils didn’t react to the pain, and the “sick” perfectly cope with the role of raving lunatic. Camo naked put in cold room – no reaction. Revolutionary stood for hours on the concrete floor like a statue. Finally the doctors believed his insanity. The Russian revolutionary authorities gave the mentally ill with a diagnosis that saved him from the gallows. Kamo was imprisoned in Metekhi castle, and then in a psychiatric hospital, from which he successfully escaped. To his companions he came back absolutely normal, saying that Europeans have no idea about the durability and artistry of Caucasians. Since then a revolutionary has earned the nickname “crazy camo”.

Dmitry Sokolov

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