Why red exhumed the body of General Kornilov

History 05/02/20 Why red exhumed the body of General Kornilov

General Lavr Georgievich Kornilov, the organizer of the counter-revolutionary rebellion and one of the highlights of the white generals of the Civil war, was killed in March 1918. When the Bolsheviks took Ekaterinodar, they removed the corpse of the hated commander from the grave to be subjected to post-mortem “punishment”.


General Kornilov, who was killed by a grenade, retreating white secretly buried 3 days after death in the territory of the German colony of Nachbau (now the village of Dolinskoye of Krasnodar region). Grave was at the foot of a tree on a hill that belonged to the colonist Jonah. The next morning the colony became part of the red army. For disposal, as historians write, the red army stumbled upon by accident in the search for the supposedly hidden “cadet jewels” – about the secret manipulation of the enemy they were told by the locals. According to some, in search of involved detachment or Zolotarev fighters Temryuk regiment. Instead of treasure, the Bolsheviks dug up a pine coffin with the body of the man, who had the rank of General. Realizing that this Kornilov, they covered the corpse with a tarp and transported him to Ekaterinodar. Wagon transportation was borrowed from the colonist of David funk.


According to the version of the white Commission of inquiry, the General’s body brought to the Cathedral square, where the hotel Gubkin lived Soviet leaders. Were in the courtyard of the hotel, the red army found out whose body is in front of them, and vilified Kornilov “choicest abuse”. Some citizens tried to calm them, explaining that a dead enemy is no longer harm. But the Bolsheviks were eager to “settle accounts” with the General. The wagon was dragged into the street, and the corpse dropped on the panel, leaving without a shirt. Some of the participants proposed to put the dead man on the balcony, but in order “not to spoil the balcony”, he decided to hang on the tree. To raise bare thoselo at the height failed because of a snapped rope, and it was left lying on the pavement.

One speaker said before the crowded crowd talking about the fact that the body undoubtedly belongs to Kornilov. The gathering lasted two hours – all this time the corpse of the warlord cut pieces, spat upon and stoned.

“Suddenly the shouting and excitement – are the horse, the tail of which tied the corpse of General Kornilov”, – described one of the episodes of mockery wounded white guard ensign Ivanov, who was also at this time in the city. In the crowd, there were calls to break the body of the counterrevolutionary apart. But in the end he was brought to the slaughterhouse, where burned, lined with straw. Bullying charred remains continued the next day until the corpse was only a handful of ashes.

a photograph of the mutilated body of Kornilov, made before Gubkinskiy hotel. Its a “commander of the revolutionary troops of the Caucasian army” Chistov autographed American socialist Axel Ghana. The picture shows that on the fourth day after death the face of the General was still recognizable, but it was covered corpse spots. Unprofessional handling the body, were at a stage of decomposition, has not passed to the Bolsheviks without a trace. One of the soldiers, prickled the corpse with a bayonet, caught from him the infection and died.

Return the white

About the desecration of the Kornilov commanders of the Volunteer army found out only four months later. Again taking Ekaterinodar, white came to the tomb of the General, to ceremoniously rebury him in the Cathedral. However, in Nachbau not found. Shocked the widow of the accused generals Kornilov, Alexeyev and Denikin, that they have not taken the body of the deceased. A memorial service for Kornilov still held. A month after her General’s unhappy wife died, she was buried near the scene of the death of her husband.

the Behavior of the Bolsheviks during the incident in the biography of Kornilov, Vladimir Fedyuk and Alexanderthe Shaka is compared to the pre-Petrine traditions, keeping in mind the public humiliation of Muscovites over the body of the murdered in 1606 the false Dmitry I, known in history as “trade execution”.

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