Why Konstantin Chernenko had not fought in the Great Patriotic

History 05/02/20 Why Konstantin Chernenko had not fought in the Great Patriotic

according to Sol Shulman, in his book “Power and destiny”, and Konstantin Chernenko on the front was not even torn. During the great Patriotic war, the future General Secretary was engaged in his personal life. So, the second legal marriage Chernenko concluded in 1944. In addition, during the war years, Konstantin Ustinovich graduated from the school of partorganizatsii of the CPSU Central Committee.

the Prewar years

According to his official biography, Konstantin Chernenko started his career as a Komsomol activist. The fact that Chernenko graduated three-year village school, does not bother anyone. Moreover, according to “the Illustrated history of krasnoyarie” under the authorship of V. Bezrukikh, G. bikonia V. V., and Fedorova, in 1929 illiterate Chernenko (pedagogical University, he graduated in 1953) was appointed head of the Department of agitation and propaganda of the Novosyolovo district Committee of the Komsomol. Even during the period of military service Chernenko party work is not abandoned: he was Secretary of peregrinatio frontier.

it is not surprising that when, in 1933, experienced a Communist returned home, he was immediately determined to place the head of the Department of propaganda and agitation novoselovskiy and Uyarsky district committees of the party. And after 8 years Konstantin Chernenko became Secretary of the Krasnoyarsk regional Committee of the party. As written by Alexander Ostrovsky in his book “Who put Gorbachev?”, certain support Chernenko in moving up the career ladder provided by his sister, Valentine. One time she was the head of the organizational Department of the Krasnoyarsk city town Committee of the party. Whatever it was, it was on the last post Konstantin Ustinovich and met the Great Patriotic war.

Second wife and studying in the party school

Until 1943 Chernenko was on the above mentioned posts. As the authors of the publication “the Rulers of Russia and the development of a construction” by V. Frolovin others, the front Konstantin Ustinovich never got, despite the fact that the beginning of the war he had turned 30 years old. However, if you believe Saul Shulman, author of “Power and fate”, the war Secretary of the Krasnoyarsk regional Committee not too eager. Instead of the army Chernenko was sent to study in Moscow at the higher school of party organizers under the Central Committee of the CPSU(b). It was during the period of school, and more precisely in August 1944, Konstantin Ustinovich and met his second wife.

Anna Dmitrievna Lyubimova was also involved in party activities: she was a member of the party Committee of the people’s Commissariat of the workpieces. Despite the fact that by the time Chernenko was already married and brought up two children, between it and the Windows started having an affair. Anna Dmitrievna admitted that, even back in Moscow, she continued talking to Chernenko. Apparently, the lovers had a really good time. So, Lyubimov remembered that together they visited a variety of concerts, performances and film screenings. In the same 1944 Chernenko divorced his wife and married Anna Lyubimova.

After winning

In 1945, Konstantin Chernenko graduated from the party school and was appointed Secretary of the Penza regional Committee of the party. However, in this post Chernenko is not delayed. 3 years later, he was transferred to Moldavia, where he was appointed head of the Department of agitation and propaganda of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Republic. It was there, in Chisinau, he finally got a higher education. However, according to Roy Medvedev, the author of “Political portraits,” the studies at the pedagogical University that was subordinate to him, surely was easy for him. In addition in Moldova, fate brought Konstantin Ustinovich with Leonid Brezhnev, who at that time was the first Secretary of the Communist party of Moldavia.

As you know, Brezhnev, unlike Chernenko, on the front was what is called and from. According to Dmitry volkogonova, the author of the book “the Seven leaders”, to the end of Leonid Brezhnev is very fond of remembering his military youth. Chernenko also there is nothing could. However, from the Brezhnev Politburo only he was the Secretary General of the entire war at the front. Although, it is worth noting that from 1941 to 1945, Leonid Ilyich, too, is mainly engaged in party work. Anyway, Chernenko seemed to let myself and not too educated, but smart enough, and most importantly the Executive and loyal assistant. Since then a career of Konstantin Ustinovich has been inextricably linked with the career of Leonid Brezhnev.

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