Why in the instructions for the tank of the Panzerwaffe was drawing naked women

History 16/02/20 Why in the instructions for the tank Panzerwaffe had Nude women

the History of various military conflicts has extensive information about the use in propaganda of sexual desire as one of the most effective motivators of human behavior. Was no exception and the Second world war, during which the erotic is used not only to undermine the morale of enemy troops, but also as an effective means of mobilizing for active hostilities the personnel of their units. Especially, this has succeeded, the German front-line propaganda, which is realized by means formed on the eve of the war 19-of-mouth propaganda and 6 platoons of war correspondents of the SS.

Special attention to the German propagandists paid Panzerwaffe.

As the main striking force of ground troops of the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS, Panzer troops of Nazi Germany (Panzerwaffe), and enjoyed the special attention of the departments of propaganda, almost every tank army was assigned to a propaganda company (for example, Panzer-Propagandakompanie 697 took care of 3 Panzer army of the Wehrmacht, who fought at Vilno, Vitebsk, Vyazma, Rzhev, and then in East Prussia, and Stettin).

among the developments of mouth propaganda and enough quality pictures of naked ariek (often, archers and athletes) designed to raise the morale of the soldiers. They became elements of leaflets, reminders that were issued to each crew Panzerwaffe.

the Authors of erotic drawings

it is Worth noting that since 1933, under the slogan of struggle for the moral character of the Aryan nation in Germany was officially banned prostitution and pornography, however, various brochures, books and photo albums with erotic illustrations were published in the country in large quantities. In addition, encouraged nudism promoted by all publishers (Verlag Geist und Schönheit). So the lack of print and photo material of erotic content for placing it in their developments, designed for the German tank, company propaganda experienced.

the Way

of Course, the reminders to the crews of the Panzerwaffe dominated not female nudity, and is intended for military professionals the information. But sometimes she seriously undermined increasing at the sight of naked native ariek morale of soldiers. So, many of the tank “Tiger” on the orders of Goebbels in the technical memo were made the phrase “Tank is 800 000 Reichsmarks. Take care of it!”. Or in some memo as a sparkling German humor included “joke”: “Tiger” is wunderwaffe (wonder weapon – Ed.). “Panther” is vundervaffe. But, drunk Russian tank ISU-152 do not know and therefore beating with all the dope. There is nothing worse than a drunken Russian…”.

So after these lines look dumbfounded by their advocates of a German tanker, indeed, psychologically rested on the pictures of naked girls.

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