Why Hitler wanted to make peace with Stalin after the battle of Kursk

History 22/01/20 Why Hitler wanted to make peace with Stalin after the battle of Kursk

the battle of Kursk was the battle in which was “finally broken the backbone” of Nazi Germany. After the summer of 1943 the Wehrmacht forever lost the initiative and never undertake major offensive operations. For the Kursk-Orel arc German generals and industry mobilized all the best that they had. Total mobilization, “Tigers”, “Panthers” and “Ferdinand” are here put Hitler on the map.

It was considered the forthcoming battle for Supreme leadership of Germany. The Nazis wanted to take revenge for the defeat at Moscow and on the banks of the Volga. In his diary, Hitler wrote: “Victory at Kursk will amaze the whole world.” The Soviet leadership looked forward to, but it has been postponed twice — the Germans have brought up reserves. Knowing that the red army is now powerful as never before the previous two years of the war, Hitler demanded that his generals virtually impossible — not just victory, but victory is beautiful and grandiose. During the operation “Citadel” was supposed to not just break the main Soviet forces, and to destroy reserves.

in the summer of 1943 the situation in the Central direction looked the best option for the classic German scheme: impact on converging fronts — environment — destruction. At the same time managed to significantly reduce the length of the front and free up reserves for other sectors. But neither Hitler nor his generals were not fools. By the summer of 1943, they all already knew that to win a military confrontation with the USSR impossible. In Germany, there was neither strength nor money. Hitler tried to bite off too big a piece of the pie, which he couldn’t swallow.

a separate peace with the USSR in 1943, said many of Hitler’s generals and his ally Mussolini. Yes, and the führer thought about etom. That’s just from the war, he wanted to go out with honor, and not as losers. It was still the British and the United States, which Hitler considered “quite tough”. The victory at Kursk was to be the strong argument by which the Fuehrer could negotiate favourable terms of truce. Moreover, on the foreign policy front this was quite favorable circumstances.

in the Spring of 1943 Churchill informed Stalin about the suspension of lend-lease the allies were preparing a landing on Sicily, weapons and equipment needed by him. Then from German sources in Europe became aware of the tragedy in Katyn. Putting the USSR in the role of the executioner and the destroyer of thousands of Polish officers, Germany sowed the seed of doubt in the minds of the allies.

apparently, in the camp of the allies there were other contradictions. The German historian wolf von Aachen in his book “a Witch’s cauldron on the Eastern front” provides information about what Stalin gave a secret order Tito in the case of the landing of the British and the Americans in the Balkans to start a war against them with the Germans.

most Likely, such details Hitler did not know, but about the recall of the Soviet ambassadors from the United States and Britain, he was definitely aware of. That’s why I was counting on a victory in a pitched battle, and the conclusion of peace or at least truce. But, as we all know, the victory did not take place. Because Stalin realized that without the help of allies, the country will have hard times, but because a major defeat on the enemy, it was important to strike here and now.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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