Why do Soviet paratroopers were first raspberry beret

Another 28/12/19 photo: Ministry of defence Hocemo the Soviet paratroopers were first raspberry beret

In many armies of the world paratroopers is recognized by the characteristic crimson berets. But in the airborne forces of the Soviet Union this color “didn’t work” and was replaced with blue.

the History of the army’s berets

When and where in the armed forces were first to wear the beret, is unknown, but researchers believe that this practical headgear in the Middle ages brought hires in the infantry, the peasants and artisans. Over time, the beret has become a fixture of the elite units, for example, are the Swiss guard of the Vatican established in 1506. However, the explosion of the popularity of berets occurred in the twentieth century.

Comfortable and beautiful headpiece to wear special forces soldiers, British Marines, French Alpine, German tank crews. For different branches of the military entrenched berets of various colors. Airborne troops in world traditions informally referred to as “raspberry beret” (sometimes “krabovymi” if the shade is slightly different). This headdress flower is airborne confirmed, for example, in the UK, USA, Israel, France, Germany and Italy.

the First berets in the Soviet Army

Initially, the Soviet paratroopers wore a ceremonial headdress airborne helmets similar to the helmets of pilots and tank crews. The idea is to dress them in berets first appeared in 1961, in preparation for the Moscow parade on may 1. If the initiative of the commander of VDV General-Lieutenant Ivan Tatarinov then into life, the Marines would have received orange berets with white edging on the bottom.

However, Deputy defense Minister Marshal Baghramyan was the taste, and he, after reviewing the proposal Tatarinova, replaced the orange color beret in Navy blue. In March and April 1961, the project is transferred from one commander to another, and the color of the beret once again changed. He STAl, protective, and takes the front was decorated with a gold emblem and five-pointed star. However, at the may day parade of the paratroopers left in the traditional helmets, although other form elements have changed. For whatever reason takes in the end, “rejected”, history is silent.

In 1963, black berets appeared at the Marines – it was the first case of the introduction of berets in the Soviet Army. New hat well distinguished Marines from other Marines and successfully visually emphasized their specificity. Soon the Marines began to go to the parade in the field, not in dress uniform.

From crimson to blue berets

the appearance of the Marines liked, apparently, and the leadership of the airborne troops. But the berets in the airborne troops appeared only in 1967. For the 50th anniversary of the October revolution a new form adopted “uncle Bob” – the commander of the airborne troops of General Vasily Margelov. This time was chosen a crimson beret – not to be different from other countries. The project was created by artist Alexander Zhuk.

“the two images depicted soldiers in berets crimson and khaki, which had the right pennant in the shape of a parachute: the raspberry beret pennant blue was offered on a take khaki crimson, and both were decorated with a metal emblem of the airborne forces”, — says the candidate of historical Sciences Alexander Pecheykin.

the parade of Marines marched in two columns in the wool crimson berets. However, after 2 years the color of the beret was changed to blue. Most likely, this happened because the form of the sample in 1967, contradicted domestic uniformologija tradition. The Russian military tried not to mix the instrument color on one coat, and raspberry berets discordant with the blue dash color of the uniform of the airborne troops. The official date of introduction of the legendary blue beret – July 26, 1969. At the same time changed the color of the box to take – if he was blue, now turned red (now in Russia uses the flag-tricolor). For paratroopers the blue color assois initiated with the color of a clear sky from which they make the jump.

we Add that the blue beret – the attribute of UN peacekeepers (which in the Russian media called the “blue helmets”). It is also worn by many other troops in different countries (but not Marines).

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