Why did the Germans on the Eastern front went in

History 27/01/20 Why the Germans on the Eastern front went in “socks” made of straw

In the public archives there is a photo with the caption “Soviet soldiers feeding horses captured German shoes.” The photo itself is not very clear, and consider which boots or shoes feed the horse, hard. What holds in his hands one of the soldiers, like a bundle of straw. May be the one who left a signature, simply made a mistake?

the Patrol bots and their “replacement”

the fact that one element of the winter uniforms of the German soldiers were guard bots. This rather ridiculous-looking shoes were a big felt boots with thick wooden soles. They were worn directly over boots and, despite his funny look, well defended from frost. Aleksei Isaev in his book “Stalingrad. Beyond the Volga land for us there,” mentions that Soviet soldiers captured such bots were made to laugh to tears. But even funnier was their “substitutes”.

since originally Germany was not prepared for a protracted war, the winter clothing was not enough. So many German soldiers, trying to protect themselves from frostbite, used the means at hand. Many craftsmen made the patrol bots from the straw. Stems intertwined into bundles and then the bundles were fastened to each other. It turned out something like high sandals or big knitted socks. The soles of such footwear are laying out Newspapers or all of the same straw, making it more durable and better protected from the cold.


of Course, from a cold suffered and Soviet soldiers. But, first, they were more accustomed to the local climate, and second, massively used boots. This Shoe was not only in the army, but actively produced by local residents. In addition, large quantities of boots as an aid were sent to the front from Tuva (former at that time an independent state) and Mongolia. So don’tprosperity in the warm shoes Soviet soldiers – unlike Germany – has not experienced.

by the Way, boots was one of the coveted trophies of the soldiers and officers of Wehrmacht. Paulus in his diaries recalled that during the Stalingrad battle, his soldiers suffering terribly from the cold, steel like, as massively and in contravention of the Charter used captured clothing and shoes. And Soviet soldiers captured German shoes made of straw, used for its intended purpose – fed horses.

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