Why Churchill feared the trial of leaders of the Third Reich

History 22/02/20 Why Churchill was afraid of the trial of leaders of the Third Reich

After the Second world war to the allies was a question about how to deal with chiefs and leaders of the Third Reich. The most logical was to give them a fair trial, as it later did. However, at the Yalta conference in 1945, Winston Churchill had proposed to shoot the leaders of Nazi Germany without trial. What is it? – righteous anger or the head of the UK feared that the court may emerge facts, not intended for the General public.

Weird thing

Surprisingly, the head of the UK, a country that historically has always supported the rule of law, believed that the legal trial of Nazi war criminals is not needed. In the words of Winston Churchill, which was recorded in the transcripts of the tripartite meetings, hardly the first face of the Third Reich fall into the hands of the allies, they should be immediately executed. In addition, the head of the UK recommended that “to destroy fifty thousand German Prussian officers.” While the Churchill Roosevelt has repeatedly said that if the court is held, it must be a political, but not legal. However, Stalin categorically rejected these proposals, expressing the view that there should be an international Tribunal, which from a legal perspective will assess the guilt of humanity before each of the leaders of Nazi Germany and sentenced to a just punishment. After a long discussion, the head of Britain was forced to agree with the leader of the Soviet Union. At the same time the question arises, opening any of the facts could be afraid Churchill?

the Dark side of history

The interesting thing is that most of the Nazi criminals with the exception of the first persons of Nazi Germany shortly after the end of the twelve so-called small Nuremberg, placentaausich after the main process has been released. Later, they settled in the West. Does this mean that they are silent about the things that I wanted to hide Winston Churchill? It is possible, however, part of facts, the promulgation of which he was afraid of Winston Churchill, eventually became public. The fact that in the beginning of the war between the USSR and Germany, Winston Churchill adhered to a rather strange double views. In particular, in July 1941, he wrote to Stalin that he understands and endorses military actions which the Soviet Union made with the purpose of obtaining certain advantages: joining of new territories on their Western borders, and thereby softening the first blow of Hitler. At the same time today it is well known that the UK and the US actively financed Hitler during his struggle for power in Germany, and then through direct and indirect intrigues actively incited him to the Soviet Union.

still, it remains a mystery why 12 may 1941 Rudolf Hess, the second man of the Third Reich, the aircraft flew to London. According to one version, it was an attempt to reconcile Germany with the UK and then working together to confront the Soviet Union. In English “captured” Rudolf Hess was kept as an important person, and subsequently, by decision of the Nuremberg Tribunal and escaped punishment. However, shortly after his death in 1987, Hess’s son told reporters that his father was poisoned by the British secret service, allegedly due to the fact that he could spill the beans about some secrets that were supposed to go to the grave with him. That leader the UK had something to hide, evidenced by the remark of Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg trials. One of the top officials of Nazi Germany, directly accused the United States and Britain that they unleashed the Nazis hands, in the time of the Munich agreement. The fact that companies in the UK and USA, on the one hand, supplied the weapons, the Soviet Union, and with another – actively financed military industry Germany today is well known and documented in dozens of books. Obviously, disclosure of this information and feared Winston Churchill, when he insisted on shooting the entire elite of the Third Reich without trial.

Dmitry Sokolov

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