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Biography 04/02/20 Who were the sons of the “father” of the Soviet paratroopers Vasily Margelov

the Main brainchild of Vasily Margelov is absolutely deservedly considered airborne troops. However, distinguished General and on the family front. Few people know, but Margelov was the father of many children: he raised five sons. They all followed in the footsteps of a parent and have devoted their lives to the national army.


As you know, in the late 1920-ies Vasily Filippovich Margelov was drafted into the red army. Rookie was sent to study in the United Belarusian military school. It was then that Margelov is the first time acquired the status of a married man. In the early autumn of 1931 the young couple had a son. The boy was named Gennady. However, the happiness did not last long. Maria Margelov did not survive a nomadic life, because of their profession led her husband. The child remained in the care of grandparents, parents, Vasily Lata.

However, the father apparently had a huge influence on his son, because even as a 13-year-old teenager, Gennady ran to the front. Margelov is a senior offspring drove: a while Gennady fought in the division commanded by the parent. Later, according to Oleg Smyslov, author of the book “General Margelov,” Gennady Margelov graduated from the Suvorov military school. Subsequently, he was promoted to major General. His last place of service was listed in the Leningrad Military Institute of physical culture Lesgaft.

Anatoliy and Vitaliy

With his second wife, Theodosia Efremovna Selitsky, Vasily Margelov had met in Belarus. In this marriage of the “marine No. 1” born sons Anatoliy and Vitaliy. Despite the presence of children, and this Union was not too durable. Parental divorce on professional orientation of Anatoly and Vitaly does not affect: they both decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Vitaly, according to Eric Ford, the author of the book “Behind the scenes of the FSB”, dolorisI to the rank of Colonel General. The greater part of his life he devoted to foreign intelligence and even held the position of Deputy head of the SVR.

But Anatoly Margelov, according to his brother Alexander Margelov in his book “the Commando № 1. Army-General Margelov”, he graduated from the radio engineering University of Taganrog. Since 1959, Anatoly Margelov was engaged in the creation of new types of weapons. On his account more than 200 different inventions. Thanks to such a performance, and, of course, talent, Anatoly Vasilyevich became a doctor of technical Sciences only 30 years. Almost to the end of his days he worked in Taganrog research Institute of communication.

Vasily and Alexander

His third wife Vasily Margelov met in late 1941. At the time, there was fighting near Leningrad. Anna Alexandrovna Kurakina also participated in the great Patriotic war and at the time he operated on a wounded leader. Legitimate husband and wife Margelov and Kurakin began only in 1947, and the twins Vasily and Alexander were born 2 years earlier. For younger sons Margelov has influenced not only the General, but their older brothers. With Gennady, Anatoly and Vitaly Vasily and Alexander have formed a wonderful relationship. It is not surprising that their fate was also associated with the army.

according to Oleg Krivopalov, author of “Notes of a Soviet officer: at the turn of the century”, Alexander Margelov graduated from the missile faculty of the Moscow aviation Institute and after airborne school and the armored force Academy. He rose to the rank of Colonel and became a Hero of the Russian Federation. After the resignation of Alexander Margelov has worked as an expert in “Rosvooruzhenie”. And Vasily Margelov retired with the rank of major. But in the last years of his life he worked as Deputy Director of the Directorate of international relations radio broadcasting company “Voice of Russia”.

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