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the Cult of Vladimir Lenin created after his death in the Soviet Union, turned his body into a mummy, but a person in a static image of the leader of the proletariat, which had not in my life other interests apart from the revolution. During Perestroika, when suddenly allowed to talk loudly and everything went overdue gossip about the personal life of Lenin: from the numerous novels with party companions of the female sex to jokes with the participation of Maxim Gorky. It is noteworthy that other revolutionary figures of people such emphatic attention is not shown. May indeed in the fate of Lenin was something interesting.

Vladimir Ilyich really was passionate about the revolution. Partly the reason for this was a family tragedy: his elder brother Alexander Ulyanov in 21 year was executed for trying to kill Tsar Alexander III. But the reason was that the people who pushed the young idealist of the people to the crime and martyrdom did not leave his family in peace and took over a talented but fairly simple-minded Volodya.

First love

Vladimir looked older than his age, by the way, and started to go bald early. But he had a lively character, charm and attentive eye of a connoisseur of feminine beauty. One of his first award was Apollinaria Yakubova is a bright and intelligent girl, conveying the impression. Vladimir was a little shy in front of her, and for closure, was used as a mediator her plain girlfriend Hope. Both belonged to an underground revolutionary group.

it is Unknown how far the relationship came Ulyanov and jakubowo, but he made her an offer. However, Hopes were your plans for the young man, and apparently she used her function of mediator. Apollinariya is gone from the life of Vladimir. Krupskaya writes rather vaguely, that “Apollinaris somehow couldn’t come to” in jail, where anothersecond time sat Ulyanov. Eight years later, Yakubov had died of tuberculosis.

Marriage to Krupskaya

Then Ulyanov had been exiled to Shushenskoe, and Hope headed to Ufa province. Filed a petition to transfer him under the pretext that he was going to marry him. In Shushenskoye, Vladimir and Nadezhda were married in the Church.

the Hostess of Nadi was unimportant. Therefore, worrying about family well-being daughter, in exile came and her mother Elizabeth. She probably understood that much of the strength in their relationship is not, and struggling to support a young family, dashing around the links and conspiratorial apartment as Housewives. In addition, the Hope was very lethargic temperament. In the revolutionary circle she even had the nickname Fish.

“Casual acquaintance”

In Paris, Lenin lived under the name of William Frey with British passport. He was a lover of expensive restaurants, and one of them met the beautiful Elizabeth. The woman “accidentally” found myself alone at the next table and also “accidentally” was familiar with the dinner companion of Lenin Rumyantsev, who immediately introduced them to each other.

It was a lady just to his taste: bright and adventurous. Brokered Rumyantseva her apartment was turned into the attendance, and often Vladimir and Elizabeth remained there alone.

They broke up because Elizavetin interests were not limited to one only revolutionary activity. However, they remained friends.

Love and death

When in the life of the leader appeared the Frenchwoman Inessa Armand, Lenin fell seriously in love. Curly hair, regular features, large eyes with glitter, petite. And in addition rebellious nature. She taught French language in the family of a rich industrialist Armand, and married his eldest son Alexander. They had four children, but then she went to his 18-year-old brother Vladimir, who was younger than her ten years. They had a child. Soon after Vladimir Armand died of tuberculosis.

Vladimir Lenin met INESOh Armand, nee Elisabeth D Arbanville Hiking when she was 35 years old, and he himself is 39. At this point, Nadezhda Krupskaya had already developed Graves ‘ disease: hyperthyroidism leading to exophthalmia and causes tremor, sweating and diarrhoea.

she was too engrossed in revolutionary work. She possessed high intelligence and innovative thinking and were quite emotional. From these positions, a beautiful widow appreciated the charm of his new friend.

Krupskaya in his memoirs claimed that after learning about the affair, proposed a divorce, but Lenin did not agree. According to surviving correspondence, there was a classic love triangle.

Armand, Lenin wrote from Paris to Krakow: “Parted, we parted, dear, with you! And it hurts so much. I know, I feel, never you will not come here! Looking at familiar places, I am clearly aware, as never before, what a large place you occupied in my life that almost all of the activities here in Paris, was a thousand threads is connected with the thought of you. I wasn’t in love with you, but then you loved. I have now been without kisses, and only have to see you, to talk with you would be happy — and that no one could hurt <...>. I’m a little used to you. I loved not only to listen but also to look at you when you spoke. First, your face brightens up, and, secondly, it was convenient to watch because you’re never noticed… Hard to kiss you. Your Armand”.

Lenin was so in love that, according to the researchers, was ready to throw even the revolution. “Oh, those “Affairs” of similarity of cases in the surrogates cases, a hindrance to the case, as I hate setny, hlopotno, Affairs and how I am with them inextricably and forever bound!!” – wrote Lenin to Inessa.

Inessa Armand died suddenly: according to the official version, from cholera, in Kislovodsk, where he had gone to improve their health. Lenin plunged into deep despair. Soon he had his first stroke.

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