Who suggested to Stalin to surrender Moscow to the Germans in autumn 1941

History 09/01/20 Who suggested to Stalin to surrender Moscow to the Germans in autumn 1941

Difficult to find in Russian history more mythologized phenomenon, than the Great Patriotic war. Sensationalist politicians, historians and journalists wrote so many tales that the historical truth is sometimes impossible to find under the pile of numerous inventions. One of the myths concerns the responsibility of the time of the war of 1941-1945. — in the defence of Moscow in autumn 1941, when the fate of the USSR hung in the balance. In the nineties it became known that the alleged Zhukov, the commander of the defense of the capital, offered to surrender Moscow to the Germans. But Stalin refused to surrender and kept the position. Trusting the reader acquainted with this version in print or on television, surprised, but he believes her! Inspired by the story of military vicissitudes, he thinks: “this after all what serious situation! But as well that Stalin was not afraid, but the soldiers survived!”. And not be drawn to the source of information to check.

that Zhukov proposed to pass, says the Stalinist Martirosyan A. B. the work “Stalin and the Great Patriotic war”. The author refers to the memories of Golovanov. Allegedly, A. E. Golovanov, in 1941, major-General of aviation, commander at Moscow 212-m long-range bomber aviation regiment, talked about it many years later after the war. In 1975, Soviet writer and journalist F. I. Chuev talked to him, and then published the proceedings of the interviews in the book “soldiers of the Empire. Conversation. Memories. The documents”. That’s on them and referred to Martirosyan. In conversations with Chuyev, there is only one Golovanov told the episode that Martirosyan could be interpreted as confirming the offer of Zhukov about the surrender of Moscow. Chuev gave the story Golovanov: on the busiest days of the defense of Moscow, Stalin said, is there at the front of the shovel. When he was told that a spade is, Stalin replied: “Tell the comrades, PUSt take a shovel and dig their own graves. […] and I’ll stay in Moscow.” It was interpreted Martirosyan in such a way that someone suggested to Stalin to surrender the city, but the leader refused. And who could offer such as no bugs?

in addition, Martirosyan adds (without reference to documents), that General Shtemenko told Zhukov asked to move his command far from the front to the Belarusian station, which is also, in his opinion, hints at the intention of Zhukov to take the capital. As Stalin allegedly transferring the item banned. Had Zhukov to hold fast to the defense without thinking about the retreat. Of all these questionable details hints suggestions Zhukov to retreat near Moscow Martirosyan concluded: “it is Obvious that the beetles at least twice made such attempts”. It turns out he, coward that Zhukov and Stalin saved the situation. Then these false information was repeated by other writers — for example, doctor of technical Sciences B. Sklyarevsky, who wrote a book “the Mystery of the tragedy of June 22, 1941.” So Fudge and broadcast — one wrote, repeating after him the other, and the story wanders from one publication to another for years and decades. Paradoxically, Martirosyan his book was positioned as intended for struggle against the myths.

However, even if Golovanov really right would Chuev said that Zhukov wanted to take Moscow, no evidence for this exists, writes V. S. Bushin in the book “Marshal Zhukov. Against the flow of slander”. All historical science is based on methodological principles that trust one single questionable source (and even the indirect data recorded by other people) is unacceptable. Especially if there is a mass of documentary sources, reflecting the events in question. And there are sources about October 1941, lot. And documents showing that the beetles were offered to surrender, not detected. In fact, the government had an evacuation plan in the event of the surrender of Moscow, but decided it was to defend the city to the last, and beetles, as was supposed, and a subordinate military Commander, was executed this order. He managed to organize the defense of the capital and to stop the Wehrmacht on the approaches to Moscow. And then, from December 1941, the Red army counterattacked and repulsed his enemy far back. Successful defense of Moscow brought Zhukov commander far greater glory than if he really wanted to deliver entrusted to it the first city in the country.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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