Which feat was done before the death of the writer Arkady Gaidar

Heroes 14/01/20 Which feat was done before the death of the writer Arkady Gaidar

the circumstances of the death of a famous Soviet writer Arkady Gaidar (Golikov) are still being discussed by historians. The debate continues and that, comparable to the degree of heroism acts of this person in the Civil and great Patriotic wars.

Partisans if he

According to the official version, the writer and war correspondent Arkady Golikov (Gaidar) were killed during military actions in the partisan detachment of I. N. Prudnikov in force in the district of Uman (Cherkasy region of Ukraine). Biographer A. Gaidar, Boris Kamov wrote that there was a case when the writer even brought from the battlefield shell-shocked commander Ivan Prudnikov. And once, according to Kamov, being deep in the German rear, the journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Arkady Gaidar, along with fighter pilot, Colonel A. D. Orlov, derived from the environment only for one night “over three thousand” soldiers of the red army.

According to Kamov, Gaidar Orlov, coming from the environment, joined the partisans of Theodore Burnt. But this partisan unit appeared to them as “unreliable”. They decided to form your squad, army type. Biographer Gaidar not konkretisiert, was established and operated if it is before October 26, 1941, the day of the death of writer and journalist near the Ukrainian village of Leplyavo.

Kamov said that on this day, Gaydar with friends, going for groceries, saw the ambush on the railway embankment. He managed only to shout to warn my friends, and was immediately struck by machine-gun fire. Kamov supplements, then what Gaidar was accompanied by four partisans, and he, it turns out, has saved them from death when the Germans opened fire, they managed to escape, killing only the author of “Chuk and GEK”.

a journalist or a spy?

There is a hypothesis about the Gaidar-spy allegedly infiltrated behind enemy lines disguised as a correspondent of the southwestern front. Documentary it is not confirmed. For example, journalist Vladimir Abarinov analyzed last letters of Arkady Gaidar and other written evidence, recreated the last hours of his life and came to the conclusion that the last minute the writer spent part of a group searching for food for the guerrillas.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” in 1944, after the liberation of Ukraine sent a special correspondent to ascertain the location and circumstances of the death of Arkady Gaidar, “soldier heavy “moral support” guerrilla group”. The newspaper was going to publish the story about the heroism of the journalist and writer. However, “the shout from above,” the material was removed. Upon the death of her war correspondent “KP” printed a note only in 1947.

Abarinov in the 1970-ies met with the guerrillas who fought in the unit along with Gaidar. By the way, one of the four partisans that Gaidar saved, warning the price of his life on a German ambush, was Sergei Abramov, who later became the main bomber in the famous squad of Sidor Kovpak. Abarinov, in particular, learned that when he wanted to rebury the remains of the writer, their… not found: where was the recognized grave, was empty space – a burial without a corpse. The grave of “uncle Arkady” showed Viktor Stepanets, the son of the deceased partisan. As it turned out, the guerrillas intentionally made a false grave. Abraimova during communication with veterans, partisans were able to establish that Gaidar participated in the fighting, went to investigate – was a brave and courageous partisan and never sit in the rear.

veterans of the guerrillas sought to posthumously assign Arkady Gaidar the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, but party officials remembered that late in 1922, was denied the party ticket, because then at him,18-year-old division commander, brutally straightened with participants in anti-Soviet uprisings in Siberia, received a lot of complaints.

…Military decorations Arkady Gaidar in the great Patriotic is not received. It said only the order of the Patriotic war I degree in 1964 (posthumously).

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