Where to get money for trash: found a company that buys glass bottles, cans and wooden pallets

Few people think what happens to the garbage which the city’s residents regularly throw into the tank. But you can approach this issue responsibly not only to protect the forest from logging, but not to turn their city into a dump. And in addition to making a contribution to preserving the environment — earn.

In the company “Sibsteklo” buy for recycling glass containers, window glass, and wooden pallets. Tell, what to do to get money for an unnecessary glass and wood and wooden pallets.

do Not dispose of glass, and collect and send for processing to OOO “Sibsteklo” (JSC “Plant “Screen”). Recycling glass reduces consumption of natural resources, as the glass can be melted unlimited times. Recycling a ton of glass saves over one ton of natural raw materials: about 650 kg of sand, 186 kg of soda and about 200 kg of limestone. In addition, the use of glass as a recyclable materials prevents the accumulation of waste in landfills and the formation of new ones.