Where better to sit in Russia: the most comfortable prison

Another 18/02/20 PHOTO: wizardvarnish.sagde better to sit in Russia: the most comfortable prison

According to the Federal penitentiary service of Russia at the beginning of February this year, in 8 prisons of the country were kept 1179 people. Each of the eight “Crytek” has its own history. However, since the Soviet Union and the “dashing 90-x” things have changed there.

the location of the “kryton”

“Krytka”, on the etymology of the German Slavist max Vasmer and Soviet and Russian linguist Andrey Zaliznyak is covered prison slang for a type of penal institution cell-type.

today in the Russian Federation in the prison of concentration there are two geographical center, which is half of all current “Krytox” – Siberia (there, in the Krasnoyarsk territory, Minusinsk (PKU “Prison GUFSIN Rossii po krasnoyarskomu KRAYU”) and Yenisei (PKU “Prison No 2 GUFSIN Rossii po krasnoyarskomu KRAYU”) prison), and the Vladimir oblast, with its famous eponymous Central (PKU “Prison No 2 UFSIN across Vladimir region”) and the intercession of the tuberculosis hospital, also having the status of prison (PKU “Prison No. 1 UFSIN across Vladimir region”).

the Remaining 4 prisons in the Elets (Yelets the once infamous “krytka”, and now PKU “Prison No 2 UFSIN of Russia across the Lipetsk region”), Balashov (PKU “Prison UFSIN of Russia across the Saratov region”), Dimitrovgrad (PKU “Prison UFSIN of Russia across the Ulyanovsk region”) and in Verkhneuralsk (PKU “Prison Federal penitentiary service of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region”).

Pozhiznenniki in Russia also serving sentences in eight institutions MLS – “the Vologda coin”, “snowy owl”, “Black Dolphin”, “snowflake”, “Torbeevskaya Central”, “White Swan”, “the Mordovian zone” and “Black eagle”. But it is not a prison, and specialized penal colony, most of which focused exclusively on convicted offenders to punishment.

Where active “humanitists”

As the press service of the UFSIN Of Russia for the Vladimir region, in the famous Vladimir Central now contains the most dangerous criminals and violators of the regime in the penal colonies, which in Central dumped on the patch. “Otricoli”, serving time in IK and sentenced to transfer him to a prison – a contingent that is present in most of the Russian “Krytox”.

“Improving living conditions” in recent years in Vladimir Central prison officers called withdrawal, there is iron shutters (“eyelashes”) from the cell Windows, the painting cameras in bright colors (for greater access of light and air). As a privilege for prisoners is positioned Center of legal information, open for the first time in the institutions of Russian Federal penitentiary service in Vladimir Central (2003).

In each of the local prisons the specificity of prisoners. In the Minusinsk prison, according to the FSIN, separately contains particularly dangerous recidivists, convicted for the first time. Parohody for a particularly serious also sit in separate cells, as previously convicted of particularly dangerous repeat offenders.

Yeletsky In the “closed prison” serving sentences, those who the court has measured more than 5 years, and part of the period, a convicted person must spend in prison. And also the same “Otricoli” from the colonies. In T-2 relatively recently equipped a camera Smoking. In the beginning of Yelets “krytka” “fraternized” with German prison of Bruchsal Federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, chief of which is the member of the Commission of the Council of Europe on human rights Thomas Muller. Since then the Germans have for over ten years actively visited prisons Lipetsk region, Lipetsk and their colleagues travel to Germany visits. Critical remarks concerning the content of the Yelets convicted foreign guests publicly expressed.

the Agency “Prime Crime” calls one of the most influential domestic “Crytek” recognized among the prisoners who adhere to notions of thieves, Balashov prison (it contains an especially dangerous recidivists): there in recent years, he served the punishment for many thieves, and in General this MLS there are cases of disobedience to authority. One of the most notable incidents happened 3 years ago, then 10 inmates fku cut my forearm, refusing to obey prison rules.

it is Noteworthy that in the same Balashovskiy prison, according to the Federal penitentiary service in Saratov region, in order to humanize the process of the administration of punishment has equipped six facilities with an environment as close as possible to the home – the comfortable chambers, designed for 3 – 5 people, single beds, furniture that to other prisoners is not provided, it is allowed to use audio visual equipment… However, the thieves in the law “Otricoli” there are not: for them, access to such facilities closed. The basic “tenants” of “rooms” – hotblog “krytki”.

the intercession prison – the country’s only such specialized Agency of the FSIN. Here sits a different cohort, up-to-lifers. Integrates all common disease. Each convict has 6 square meters of living space camera is usually relying four, the day give the patient 2 liters of milk. Some strive to get here on purpose. – sputum of consumptive if you want MLS you can buy.

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