Where are you going? The passenger of the taxi broke his nose in a traffic accident on Red Avenue — look at the video as it was

Today, under the heading “Where you going?” another accident to the emergency the intersection of Krasny Prospekt — Gogol street. Our driver was there for a left turn and collided with the “Mercedes”, which moved directly, but through a dedicated lane. This is a typical situation for streets on which there is a leased line — many drivers just don’t expect that this band can appear of the car. What percentage of fault each driver — more material Dmitry Kosenko.

April 28, noon, the intense traffic at the intersection of Krasny Prospekt and Gogol, in the centre of the intersection has accumulated a lot of cars turning left on red with Gogol and waiting passage. Red congestion and the driver of the car with the logo “Yandex.Taxi” decides to slip between parked cars into the resulting gap. At this moment on the third, rightmost lanes for buses, high-speed moving black Mercedes. A moment later there is a clash — see the video.