When Hitler congratulated Stalin's birthday

History 16/02/20 When Hitler congratulated Stalin birthday

About the history of the great Patriotic war written many books and articles, shot films – both fiction and documentary. It would seem that it should not remain white spots. However, there are facts about which the majority of our citizens are not even aware, as at the time they ignored or did not receive publicity. Here are some of them.

Stalin removed from the post of Minister of foreign Affairs in order to please Hitler

Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR Maxim Litvinov was the most experienced diplomat. No complaints it was not available. However, in April 1939, Stalin unexpectedly took him from positions of responsibility, by presenting a formal claim, in particular, in too close contact with foreigners, and so he was put on the post. This is explained by the fact that the Soviet Union would soon sign a peace Treaty with Germany. Litvinov was by nationality a Jew, and Hitler hated the Jewish race. So as not to anger the Fuhrer and leave its allies, the Soviet leader decided to change the Minister. By the way, repression Litvinova not subjected.

Hitler congratulated Stalin on his 60th birthday

later On, tried not to remember, but in the prewar years, the Soviet Union and Germany tried to show their “friendly” relationship. So, in the newspaper “Pravda” dated 21 December 1939, published a message to Stalin in connection with his sixtieth anniversary of Adolf Hitler! No one could foresee that just a year and a half friends turn into sworn enemies.

At the beginning of the war, Stalin thought that his arrest

When the morning of 22 June 1941, several members of the Politburo arrived at the “near dacha” to Stalin to tell him that Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union, by the reaction of the leader, it became clear: he decided that they were to arrest him…!

Sam is a big fan of neojidanni arrests in the “higher echelons”, Stalin apparently did not exclude the possibility that the day will come for him. And the reasons for this were because he relied on previously signed by Molotov and Ribbentrop non-aggression Pact, and to some extent it was his fault the country was not ready for a serious war.

the German diplomats were informed about the latest war

Employees of the German Embassy in Moscow has learned that between Germany and the Soviet Union the war began, only messages transmitted by the Soviet radio. In their homeland for some reason no one bothered not only to prevent, but just to brief diplomats about the latest developments. When they heard the words of the Soviet speaker, it put them in a state of shock.

the Germans bombed Lipetsk

During the war, Nazi aircraft were forbidden to bomb Soviet city of Lipetsk. But the fact is that there was a secret school where in the late 20-ies of trained German pilots. Many of them were born illegitimate children from the local residents. Knowing this, Hitler gave the order not to drop on the town bombs.

the Soviet soldiers had to wear armor

We’ve learned that the armor worn by medieval knights. But during the great Patriotic war was an attempt to apply them in combat. The armor was made for the infantry and artillery of the Ural volunteer tank corps. But in case they were allowed only once, in 1943. Armor was so heavy that the soldiers immediately threw them right on the battlefield.

To intimidate the Germans as the tanks used tractor

For the defense of Stalingrad it was decided to use tanks series NO. In fact, it was the usual

the tractor, sheathed in armor and equipped with machine guns. In combat these cumbersome unwieldy machines were ineffective, but their huge size and the clank of armor inspired in the Nazis fear

to Take the Reichstag was pointless

we All know that the war was practically ended, when the Soviet troops tookand the Reichstag and hoisted his banner of Victory. But in fact, the Reichstag played no strategic role is only symbolic. It was once the seat of the German Parliament, which was disbanded by Hitler after coming to power. And all the Nazi bosses, led by Hitler sat in the Chancellery.

Why the Soviet army was so eager to capture standing boarded up the building of the Reichstag? Yes just 7, 1944, the anniversary of the October revolution, Stalin said the festive speech, in which were these words: “Soon our banner will fly over the Reichstag”. When the Red army reached Berlin, the commanders rushed to fulfill the wish of the leader and ordered the capture of the Reichstag.

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