What weapons fought the Marines in melee in the great Patriotic war

Weapons 20/01/20 What weapons the Marines fought in melee in the great Patriotic

Russian military art has always given due attention to the melee, and not only in the 18-19 centuries, when a significant proportion of soldiers were armed with pikes, swords, sabers and other melee weapons. In the 20th century, soldiers were trained to bayonet, and taught to wield a butt, sapper shovels and knives. The power of the bayonet attacks of the Russian army was its advantage since the times of Peter I, and to abandon it would be foolish even in the era of mechanized war. Any ground operation with the participation of a large number of military equipment still supported by infantry, a member of the military contact with the enemy. Military gymnastics, knife and bayonet of the red army were taught since 1918, treating classes as tactical offensive. All this was supplemented with Boxing and other martial arts. Could the red army soldiers and use sharpened sapper shovels. These terrible weapons could inflict serious injury.

During the great Patriotic war the German soldiers were horrified by the prospects of melee battles with the Russians and have always tried to avoid them and keep shooting to the last. That is why Stalingrad, which had hand to hand fighting for every house, and these battles lasted for weeks, has become a symbol of ruthless, terrifying war in the East. Who was not in the Russian hand-to-hand combat, he had not seen this war, — so, according to the rumors, saying the German soldiers. The dominant means melee has always remained a bayonet – the application of the soldiers were better trained (in the army taught even beat a bayonet on the stuffed on the run and under different conditions in trenches, woods, etc.); and bayonet (usually four-sided needle) were always at hand. Bayonet from mosinskoy trehlineyki inflicted a deep and severe wound that almost did not stuck in the body of the enemy, easyon punched uniforms. As a result, the red army, being confident in his advantage, often trying to impose on the infantry of the Wehrmacht melee. The experience of the great Patriotic war was popular in the Soviet Army and used in the Russian. Stays on arms and bayonet, however, after the Second world war spread bayonet knives, as with the introduction of machinery and automatic weapons of a long needle bayonet, so necessary in the age of rifles, began to lose its relevance, what A. KLISHIN and A. kazazian wrote in the article “Russian bayonet” for the magazine “Military review”.

equally formidable martial arts masters were Russian seamen – sailors and especially Marines. From the first years of the Russian Navy, there was the need to win the boarding combat and ground troop operations. From the time of Peter the Great sailors appeared a weapon, which they used in combat – dagger (borrowed from the Western European armies). 20-30-centimeter blade was the invariable attribute of ammunition of the military seaman. On the boat a little with the long rifles and bayonets in boarding combat uncomfortable around each other. So the dagger quickly fell in love with soldiers. However, the daggers of the 18th century it was possible to fasten to the guns. Thus, the sailor planted on the land for a ground operation, had a full and versatile weapons and could shoot and stabbing the enemy. The Researcher Kulinsky, A. N., who described in detail the history of Russian edged weapons, that with time, the daggers are even and aesthetically an important element in the forms of military and some civil servants — for example, military pilots and even the postmen of the Russian Empire, writes Kulinsky, A. N. in the book “Russian edged weapons military, naval and civil ranks 1800-1917 G.”.

Some Marines during the great Patriotic war has gained glory that is melee fighting. One of the characters – Semyon Agafonov, marine, participated in more than 50-five successful amphibious operations in the German rear, and only once in a single battle personally killed 20 enemies. Of such heroes there were many. No wonder the Russian soldiers and sailors have earned the reputation as the best fighters of unarmed combat of the Second world war.

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