What was the nickname the Germans gave to Konstantin Rokossovsky

History 22/01/20 What was the nickname the Germans gave to Konstantin Rokossovsky

Their nicknames, which gave their people, and were famous even the Soviet General secretaries, to say nothing of the generals. “Second names” could boast of marshals Zhukov, Rokossovsky, Tukhachevsky, Konev, Timoshenko. However, not all nicknames are characterized by commanders on the positive side.

the Butcher

As we know, Georgy Zhukov still appears in many historical sources under the proud title of “Marshal of the Victory”. However, even not all colleagues about Zhukov held a similar opinion. So, the author of the book “Marshal Zhukov Victory – Cain?”, Alexander Shcherbakov-Izhevsk, writes that the legendary military commander Ivan Konev, Zhukov considered “not capable saldofon and a scoundrel.” Here and Vladimir Karpov, the author of the novel “Marshal Zhukov”, claims that among the soldiers for George Konstantinovich has the nickname “the Butcher.” Karpov confidently declares that the reason was the cruelty and ruthlessness of the military commander towards his subordinates.


But Ivan Stepanovich Konev, who called Zhukov villain won among his players an entirely different glory. According to the Boris Field in their essays “Meeting at the crossroads: sketches from nature”, the troops of Konev was referred to as “Marshal of the soldiers.” In this Field saw a vivid expression of recognition of commander to the people. It is worth noting that Boris Polevoy had a chance to go on the front as a war correspondent and watch Konev own eyes. If you believe the author of the book “Conversations with Stalin”, Milovan Djilas, Field argued that the Marshal did not leave his post even when he was wounded by shrapnel in the leg.


the Nickname of Mikhail Nikolayevich Tukhachevsky no relation to the great Patriotic war had not. Moreover, the Marshal had been shot for 4 years before it started. Despite the fact that the life of Tukhachevsky was very short, he still managed to get a “second name”. And it happened in the school years. As he writes in his book, “Moscow to the mystical. Moscow mysterious” well-known historian Boris Sokolov, classmates called Tukhachevsky a “Behemoth”, as this animal is, in the opinion of the companions of the future commander, distinguished the same size, strength and kindness. In addition, according to a school friend of the Marshal, Sergei Ostrovsky, Tukhachevsky was very difficult to knock out.

General Dagger

Marshal Konstantin Konstantinovich Rokossovsky his nickname was obliged not to your friends, but rather enemies, or rather enemies. As you know, in 1945 Rokossovsky has won the highest awards of the great Patriotic war – the order “Victory”. It is clear that the legendary order was given only for meritorious service. Rokossovsky was awarded to them for the liberation of Poland. And similar victories on the account of the commander was a lot. No wonder the Germans had to assign him the rank of Marshal called him “the General with a Dagger”. As reported by Vladislav Artemov, the author of the book “Great names of Russia”, “victory Rokossovsky was mined on the edge of the dagger going deep into enemy finally strikes”.

Marshall defeats

But Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko, though was the gentleman of an award “Victory”, like Rokossovsky, but he deserved not such a bellicose nickname. Tymoshenko, according to the author of the book “Son of the executioner”, Vadim Sochaczewski, firmly stuck the nickname “Marshall defeats”. And the reasons, according to Tuhachevskogo, this was enough. But for all its failures, according to Tuhachevskogo, “Finnish, where he put an incredible amount of fighters, Smolensk, where he unnecessarily burned a few mechanized corps, Kiev, where our millionth group landed in the “pot”, the Marshal fell into disgrace, and remained in good relations even with Stalin himself.

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