What was the last battle of the Civil war

History 01/02/20 What was the last battle of the Civil war

Few Russians will be able without resorting to a search engine to tell you where, when and how was the last battle of the Civil war. About it not is composed songs and films were shot, although the circumstances were quite heroic.

Yakutia is

In 1922, the red army fought in Yakutia with white, green and rebels from local peoples, gradually overcoming resistance. April 27, 1922, announced the formation of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet socialist Republic. Many surrendered, but not General Pepeliaev, by the time dubbed the “Siberian Suvorov”. Interestingly, Pepeliaev, given the mood of local Russians, primarily merchants and Industrialists, fought under the Russian tricolor, and under the green and white banner of the Siberian autonomy, proclaimed in 1918.

Pepelyaeva and had a chance to become participants of the last battles of the fratricidal war. Against them was the red army under the command of Ivan strode — military personnel, full St. George cross during the First world war. Strode commanded many regular units of the red Army. Successfully fought against Baron Ungern, the Chinese, the Japanese, a different kind of “green”. Once fought side by side with the legendary Sergei Lazo. In General, opponents were worth each other, as shown by subsequent events.

all the rules of military art

the settlement of Amga for Yakutsk was of strategic importance, it coordinated the actions between scattered across Yakutia parts of red — and it was, and guerrillas and regular units, and units of the KGB and special forces (CHON). Pepeliaev chose the Amga as the direction of the main blow, after the fall of the settlement was supposed assault on Yakutsk.

Since the end of December, 1922 Pepelyaeva took one town after another. The activity was an unpleasant surprise for the “tips”: winter, polyus cold, where temperatures drop below minus 50 °C, and then the fighting.

a Detachment of 400 men was 200 km in six days, and on 2 February 1923 struck on Amga from three sides. The attack came at full height, boldly and decisively. Amga fell. With the loss of 22 killed the party took 60 prisoners, 13 guns, 150 rifles, lots of ammo and grenades. The way to Yakutsk open. 7 Feb arrives Pepelyaev himself.

All plans were upset by a detachment of Ivan strode who is taken to the Amga through bad weather and resistance. Strode was strengthened with three hundred soldiers on the outskirts of the Yakut village Sasil-Sisii, 25 km North of the Amga. Against the red army — three battalions, a cavalry division and a partisan detachment Artemyev. The village is surrounded, on the evening of 14 February there Pepeliaev arrives and offers to surrender, life is guaranteed. Wounded strode refuses, in turn offering to surrender to the enemy. Above the village the red flag flew, the soldiers sing “the Internationale”. Starts “Icy siege” that lasted 18 days.

the Soldiers beat off the assaults, Pepeliaev doesn’t want to leave in your rear such a large group of the enemy and ordered to attack. Especially what he knows about the lack of food and water and many of the wounded of the besieged, from the intercepted dispatches.

Pepeliaev goes on all sorts of stratagems. For example, on the position taken seized in the surrounding villages with large mirrors. It was intended to blind the besieged reflected light missiles during a night attack and succeed. Clear moonlit nights disrupted the plan. Pepeliaev then ordered the use of “Yakut tanks” — sled over the frozen manure in 5-6 rows, to cover from enemy fire coming chains. It turned out, not speed, but horses are too vulnerable. Broke and other tactical ideas Pepelyaeva. The red army held steady, although the water instead of eating snow and ate the corpses of fallen horses and oxen, which served them as a protection from enemy bullets.

the Case decided taking Amga March 2, forces 600 soldiers in DVwow guns and eight machine guns. The detachment came from Yakutsk, to which the firm has not even stepped up, having stuck in combat with a group of strode. The third day of March in the besieged Sasil-Sisii defectors told that it’s over. The trenches in front of the soldiers were empty, Pepeliaev moved.

a Squad of strode lasted, defending a small fortification — 100 steps in length and 30-40 steps in width. Moved on all fours, vipramukhya received a bullet with a probability of 100%.

Among the men strode killed 63 and injured 96 people. In 1924, Ivan strod was awarded the second order of the red banner and continued to serve in regular units of the Russian Federation.

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