Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, recently shared her insights on what to watch for in the upcoming debates between President Biden and Donald Trump. As someone who has debated both men in the past, Clinton emphasized the importance of focusing on substance rather than theatrics during these debates.

Reflecting on her own debates with Trump in 2016, Clinton highlighted the challenges of engaging with him due to his tendency to interrupt, insult, and spread lies. She noted that trying to refute Trump’s arguments in a traditional manner is futile, as he often starts with nonsense and veers off into irrelevant tangents. Clinton also pointed out that Trump’s behavior has only worsened over the years, with some describing him as unable to keep a coherent thought.

Clinton suggested that Trump’s aggressive tactics are meant to distract from his unpopular policies and positions, such as restrictions on abortion, tax breaks for the wealthy, and environmental deregulation. She advised Biden to remain direct and forceful in his responses, citing his previous confrontations with Republican hecklers as examples of effective communication.

Furthermore, Clinton emphasized that Biden has facts and truth on his side, particularly when it comes to his leadership during the pandemic and economic recovery. She highlighted the creation of millions of jobs, rising incomes, and investments in clean energy and manufacturing as successes that Biden can leverage in the debates.

In conclusion, Clinton urged viewers to focus on the substance of the candidates’ arguments rather than getting caught up in Trump’s theatrics. She expressed confidence that Biden’s message of progress and recovery will resonate with voters if effectively communicated during the debates.