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Until September 13th, the German book publisher Langenscheidt has ten words to choose from on its website that could be considered youth word of the year 2022. The top three terms will be announced on September 20th and then advance to the next round. The final vote will then run until October 18th. Finally, on October 25, the winner will be announced and the youth word of the year will be chosen.

The vote is primarily aimed at young people – but ultimately people of all ages can take part.


– infinitely strong, invincible


– Shout out when something incredibly good/cool happens


– to start dating someone (from the video game “Smash or Pass”)

Wild / wyld

– violent, crass

Digga / Diggah

– Buddy, friend


– someone who implements things without hesitation


– bad, lousy, unbelievable


– when someone looks confident, acts confident, or achieves something spectacular


– Suspicious, suspicious (from the video game “Among Us”)

Bre / Bro / Bruder

– Buddy, friend