What the peoples of the USSR the best shot in the Great Patriotic

History 07/02/20 What the peoples of the USSR the best shot in world

There is a hypothesis that these Soviet Riflemen-the national minorities in the great Patriotic war helped the spirits with whom they allegedly kept the astral conjunction. One thing is clear: sharp-eyed snipers skillfully know how to handle the rifle because he was familiar with firearms since childhood, being born hunter.


the Sniper drilled Arseny of Atabaev was the only sniper in the great Patriotic war who shot down two enemy aircraft. His countryman Zhambyl Tulaev, hero of the Soviet Union, went to the light, judging by the premium sheet, 262 fascist (after awarding the account increased by 51 the Nazis), he admitted that the success of the shooting he was helped by the spirit that he, as a hereditary shaman, turned to the decisive moment. Skate tulaeva was a surprise – he was totally unpredictable in the choice of place and method of firing and resulted on account of the Buryat sniper 30 duels won with Hitler’s “colleagues”.


the Hero of the Soviet Union Fyodor Okhlopkov, Yakut during the war, was wounded 12 times, but according to confirmed data, he has killed 429 of enemy soldiers. Acted not only a rifle but a machine gun. As he claimed, in fact, on account of his a lot more Nazis, just in combat conditions it was not possible to conduct a rigorous accounting.

Fedor Ohlopkov – the most famous Yakut among the representatives of the people who fought in the great Patriotic war.


Evenk Ivan Culbertson is among the most effective Soviet snipers of the great Patriotic war – on account of his 487 soldiers and officers of Wehrmacht. Born in a family of hunter-herder Ivan since the childhood knew how to handle a rifle, engaged in the fishery and the fur, even managed before the war to become a Stakhanovite.

Another nation, whose hereditary hunters, fishers made a significant contribution as snipers in the great Patriotic war. The most famous Evenk sniper Semyon Nomokonov, 367 destroyed by the Nazis (this number is officially confirmed, most likely, more of them). Nomokonov also communicated with the spirits when entering sniper positions, took amulets, for which he even removed from the front. Later, however, returned – shooters such as the Evenk, it was very little.

hero of the Soviet Union Evenk Kirill Batum was not only a sniper, but a scout. About it wrote much of the front of the publication, personal letter Batum received from the writer Ilya Ehrenburg. After 48 destroyed by the Nazis, he was presented the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.


According to the Association of indigenous peoples of the North Khabarovsk Krai, Nanai hundreds fought on the fronts of the great Patriotic war as snipers. Among them, Zachary keel, Maxim Passar. The passard has dedicated a poem by the famous Soviet poet Yevgeny Dolmatovsky. Passar killed 237 soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, prepared many snipers, which in total put more than 700 of the Nazis. Large part destroyed by the Nazis eliminated the sniper during the battle of Stalingrad. The Germans appointed head Passaro award in 100 thousand Reichsmarks. The sniper was killed in battle in 1943, covering the onset of his unit, before destroying 2 machine-gun calculation.

… Among the most successful snipers in the great Patriotic war were also Kazakhs (Toleugali of Abdibekov, 397 killed by the Nazis), the Chechens (the Hero of the Soviet Union Abukhadzhi Idrisov, more than 300 destroyed by the Nazis), Georgians (hero of the Soviet Union Noah Adamia, about 200 liquidated enemies and 2 destroyed tanks). Largely the choice of the sniper profession, was at the front because of the past of the red army – most of whom were professional hunters, who beat the animal with one shot, and so as not to spoil the skin, they in any weather for hours, I could be lying in ambush to hunt down your dobitsu quietly to herself. Exactly such qualities and must possess a great sniper.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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Recommended statesalaska… Share: Comments (1) Comments on the article “What the peoples of the USSR the best shot in the Great Patriotic war” 07.02.2020 in 12:25 White Sea writes:

Yes, the number of snipers were representatives of almost all nationalities of the USSR. Below are a small portion of the list of the 150 best snipers. There is in it and Kazakhs and Uzbeks and Azerbaijanis.

Mikhail Ilyich Surkov (4 S. D.)702
Vladimir Gavrilovic Salbiev (71 Gusd and Gusd 95)601
Vasily Shalvovich Kvachantiradze (S. p. 259)534 and 1 gun
Akhat abdulhakovich the’yanov (260 SP)502
Ivan Mikhailovich Sidorenko (1122 S. p.)~500 and 1 tank, 3 truck
Nikolay Yakovlevich Ilyin (50th Guards.with.n.)494
Nikolay Antonovich of Kasuk (42 infantry regiment)446
Pyotr Alexeyevich Goncharov (44 GW.with.n.)441
Mikhail Budenkov (59 GW.with.n.)437
Fyodor Matveyevich Okhlopkov (1243; 234; 259 S. p.)429
Fyodor Trofimovich Dyachenko (S. p. 187)425
Afanasiy yemelianovich Gordienko (S. D. 159)425
Vasily Votes (81 GW.with.n.)422 [including 70 snipers]
Stepan Vasilievich Petrenko (59th Guards.with.n.)422 [including 12 snipers]
Nikolay Ivanovich Galushkin (D. 50)418 [17 snipers] + 1 tank captured
Kuzma Danilovich Smolensky (S. p. 259)414
Toleugali Nadirkhanova of Abdybekov (8 GW.with.d.)397
Semyon Danilovich Номоконов367 [incl. General]
Ivan Antonov (160 otd.with.R.)362 [including 20 snipers]
Gennadiy Iosifovich Velichko (1008 S. p.)360
Egor Ermalovich of Asacol (238 SP 186 SD)354
Ivan Grigorievich Kalashnikov (1st Guards.art.regiment)~350 [including 45 — night]
Alexander Govorukhin (S. p. 296)349
Abuhazhi Idrisov (1232 S. p.)349
Philip Y. of Shirts (393 aboutTD.bat.Mor.infantry.)346 ; and 1 tank , 8 Bunkers
Leonid V. Butkevych (1331 S. p.)345 and 22 machine gun
Ivan Ivanovich Larkin (1183 S. p.)340
Ivan Pavlovich Gorelikov (29th Guards.with.n.)338
Arseny Mikhailovich Atabaev (1238 S. p.)335 and 2 planes
Victor Ivanovich Medvedev (216 GW.with.n.)331
Ilya Leonovich Grigoriev (S. p. 252)328 [including 18 snipers]
Yevgeniy Adrianovich Nikolaev (14th S. p. NKVD)324 [incl. General]
V. Галкин323
Mikhail Adamovich Ivasik (S. p. 380)320
Zhambyl, Esaevich Tulaev (S. p. 580)313 [30 snipers]
But no Armenian.

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