What the KGB agreed with the thieves before the Olympic games in Moscow

Crime 25/10/19 what the KGB agreed with the thieves before the Olympic games in Moscow

In the USSR, cooperation with thieves-in-law was not only the police, but through the Committee of state security. One of the objectives of such cooperation was the establishment of control over the criminal authorities. But here and there was a background of war, deployed between the interior Ministry and the KGB in the early 1980s.

According to the historian Alexei Mukhin, the authorized contacts of the members of the state security with the thieves in the law have become frequent since mid-1980-ies. Interacted with both rewind their term of authority, and were in the area. In the interests of karabelnikov was almost all the major prisons of the Soviet Union, including Tulun (Irkutsk), Vladimir Central, the colony “White Swan” (Solikamsk).

After the contract with representatives of the criminal world is usually the operatives confiscated from the archives of all the incriminating documents, accounting for their own records. Now the thief was on the hook, becoming an ideal object for all sorts of manipulation. Often the collaboration was mutually beneficial: in exchange for using the Committee promised relief authorities.

According to the researchers, in one form or another, with the KGB worked at least 70% of thieves. The first recorded such contacts took place on the eve of the Moscow Olympics-80, ahead of which the Committee not only out of the capital, getting rid of the criminal elements, but also asked their leaders to maintain order in their ranks on such a serious international event.

At the beginning of 1980 the head of the KGB Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov instructed to probe the criminal environment, to establish relations with the authorities. For this was created special operations division. The KGB had to find out whether it is possible to count on the cooperation with representatives of the criminal elite in the eve of the Olympics. However, some experts believe that the upcoming Olympic games were merely a pretext for the introduction of “office” in that area which traditionally was controlled by the police. They say that Andropov, who had a grudge against the Minister of internal Affairs Nikolay Shchelokov, had intended to take some functions from the interior Ministry.

Criminal leaders, sensing show interest in them by the KGB, ironically, hastened to initiate negotiations by sending them one of the most authoritative thieves Cherkas, participant of the great Patriotic war Anatoly Cherkasov. The meeting was held at the safe house, the details of it are unknown, but apparently the thieves listened to the voice of the Committee – no incidents during the Moscow Olympics were recorded.

the KGB continued to build relationships with Cherkasov, soon learned of the impending terrorist attacks against major public figures. Veteran thieves shop also told nagabushnam about their concerns intensified in Central Russia, the Caucasian criminals. He was sure that there will be a big ethnic war, whose aim is the redistribution of spheres of influence in the major cities of the Soviet Union, not only in the criminal environment, but also politically. Cherkasov, of course, was driven by selfish motives: he wanted the KGB to limit the impact of competition, representing the Caucasian Republic. Although in return he was willing to go to any interaction with the authorities. The authority, apparently, was going to convince thieves that loyalty to the organs of state security will bring dividends. Many believe that Cherkasov had the idea to tax the shadow, including criminal business, which by the mid 1970s had a total annual turnover expressed in hundreds of millions of dollars.

on the eve 1982 at the apartment of the famous Moscow artist of the circus Irina Bugrimova was raided. Stole her collection of diamonds, while the robbers managed to get around quite a complicated alarm system. Crime became interested in the KGB. Andropov on your own risk have invaded the zone of interests of the interior Ministry and instructed his Deputy, Semyon Tsvigun to use already established contacts in the Moscow criminal world.

through thieving fraternity specialists of the Department Tsvigun learned that the treasures of Bugrimova during the week will be exported abroad through Sheremetyevo airport. It’s only been two days since the police officers came to the passenger who had identified the required shipment of diamonds. In Lefortovo prison all the courier had thrown it out. Of the confessions was that the theft was committed by professional thieves-recidivists. Ascertaining their signs, the investigators again turned to the capital “lawyers”. The chain of clues eventually led the security personnel to become an Opera singer Boris Buryatse, who was in love with the daughter of Secretary General Galina Brezhnev. Further digging was a more expensive.

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In September 1982, the Liquor, with the support of Leonid Brezhnev, decided to arrest at the time former KGB chief Yuri Andropov. But employees of the security organs were ready for this turn: it came to shooting, but to Andropov valiant police never got. Yuri is already in the rank of Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party, quickly struck back, arresting a number of corrupt people in the interior Ministry.

In late 1983, the new Chairman of the KGB Victor Chebrikov issued a decree relating to the operational development of the camp authorities. It was a new wave of preventive work with the thieves ‘ elite. However, in this case, taking control of the leaders of criminal gangs, the KGB had intended to use to find out information to combat the defamation of some thieves. This was a continuation of the war with MIA. The purpose of this decree was the breakdown of communication, which the police managed to install a “legalist,” and, consequently, undermine the very structure of the interior Ministry and its leadership. Committee members were actively implemented in the areas of operational control, as well as recruited criminals.

When working with the latest powerful tool of deterrence has become infamous colony “White Swan”, which was intended primarily for elite thieves. Any mention of this phrase puts the criminals in horror. They were ready to perform anything but would not be in this godforsaken place. However, for the ploy of “offices” were not all.

So, in early 1986 after one of his talks with KGB officers in his cell was found strangled a famous crime boss Bob Diamond. The KGB accused the administration of camp in absence of vigilance, but according to rumors, the criminal simply refused to bring criminal laws, for which he paid.

“Thieves in law” always oppose the state. They are denied social institutions and recognized only their own laws. But during the great Patriotic war, even some of these outcasts came to the defense of the homeland and fought so that received awards.

Taras Repin

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